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Bad Day...


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  • Bad Day...

    ...ever have one of those? I did. It's only Wednesday, no sign of Friday. Sheesh.

    8:05 Get to work, my allergies are kicking nicely, I check voice mail (11 messages) and check email ...WTF? Put out small fires. Oy.

    8:30 Go off site, deal with client from Tuesday, she had an changes her mind. OFW!!!!

    11:00 Come back to office, parking space is gone...FTATSA!!!!! more voicemail, write email...type, delete, type, delete, type, send.

    11:30 Work on Federal Contract...why do I always do this at the last minute????? 68 clients for supervised, 12 pre-trail...oh the humanity.... FEA!!!!!

    3:20 Copier breaks...says needs new toner...toner was replaced this am...get toner all over self and clothes... FTS!!!!

    3:40 Drunk man comes into building...Loud Drunk man...I consider tossing toner on him...quickly reconsider.

    4:15 Get over to Federal where to park! GD!!!!! Park in tow zone and run...forget have to empty pockets and what not...US Marshall in lobby trying to be funny...lacking in humor...KMA!!!!

    4:30 Get back in car. Day over.

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    ((((((Piper)))))) Sista, I assure you, it WILL get better. You know I'm here for you.

    BTW, LMAO at you!!!!!!!

    Oh, and Pipes....FEA!!!!!!!

    [ 07-10-2002: Message edited by: kateykakes ]


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      Somehow, I feel better. Nothing like a rant.

      Oh and Katey... they can all still FTATSA!!!


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        You know what I say to them, Piper (especially - well, you know)...

        BITE ME!!!!

        [ 07-10-2002: Message edited by: kateykakes ]


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          Ok, sometimes I'm not so quick on the up-take. What's FTATSA mean?
          On the wings of a dove
          Let's roll for justice
          Let's roll for truth
          Let's not let our children grow up
          Fearful in their youth -- Neil Young


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            Should we tell JH, Piper?


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              Sucks to be you! he he he

              Bad day? today, nope, days off are hardly ever bad.
              Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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                LOL Sounds like a nice relaxing day to me there Piper LOL

                Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                  Originally posted by kateykakes:
                  Should we tell JH, Piper?
                  Sheesh....don't folks know anything?

                  Ok, yall don't ban me or anything...he asked...

                  **** Them And Thier Stupid Azz

                  Man...that took forever!!!!

                  [ 07-10-2002: Message edited by: Piper ]


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                    LOL I thik you need some anger management thearopy there Piper LOL

                    Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                      Originally posted by klar:
                      LOL I thik you need some anger management thearopy there Piper LOL
                      Nah...after having a rant, I'm a-ok. LOL


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                        LOL so I understand that you use this forum as you outlet to become more attuned with your anger and let it all out and therefore you are more in control and more at peace with your surroundings?

                        Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                          Man oh man Piper, you posted the wrong topic today.

                          5am Wake up to an alarm that went off 1 1/2 hours earlier.

                          6am get to work only to see the district manager walking up to the door ahead of me (The boss who can fire or demote me.)

                          Spent from 6:30 to 8am getting reprimanded for various reasons. The whole time thinking i have a 2500 piece general merchandise load to get stocked to the floor with only 2 people to do it. Pleeease hurry Mr Man and finish yelling at me! I have work to do and only 6 hours to do it.

                          Then he finally finished yelling and giving me a ton of extras on top of my daily job to do.

                          Then the grocery manager and I get a call over the intercom from the manager of the store to come to Aisle 6

                          Get there and he felt the need to complain and yell about bug spray not being on the shelf. I explained that both the grocery manager and i worked out an arrangement to get it filled. (we both thought the other was doing it.) The previous day. In front of District manager he is yelling at us included were customers walking up and down the aisle

                          I am still thinking the whole time I HAVE WORK TO DO!!! Finally he is finished being an ***. I head on over to actually work. The i realize there is no chlorine in the store I Just want to get my job done so i can go home at this point.) No such luck. I now have to drive to another store to pick up chlorine so i can get it back to the store before District sees there is no chlorine. (huge seller in the summer and God forbid i am not utilizing sales)

                          Going back to work the chlorine shifts somehow in my beautiful 4-runner and spills ( i smell it and drive alittle faster) Get back and got damaged boxes. (Of course, what else can go wrong) Finally get back only to see teh cops out front of the store I'm thinking what now, the bank has bullet proof glass now. What could of happened. Some guy flashed a gun at the store mail carrier (check guy) and took the mail bag. With all the employees checks. Mentally thinking THANK GOD for direct deposit. The store manager was not so lucky Serves him right for being a d**k to me.

                          the end of the day and I have got next to nothing done. Still have 1000 piece load to throw with tomorrows 2500-3000 piece load.

                          Figure nothing else could go wrong. Yeah right! Check email before i leave and i failed the shrink ( loss of money due to theft, damaged, etc) audit. And apparently a worker who came from another store to "Help" on Monday, went back to her store and told her boss that she felt abused and ignored because i had the nerve to ask her if she was labor transfer. And my boss was throwing a fit because of labor crunching and did not want to have to pay her out of our store pocket due to the fact she was only there because i get a call from Distrct jerk saying you have to schedule this person to work on monday at your store. I ask for what and he only says you are going to bounce ideas off each other and learn from each other. So first thought comes to mind is he planting a mole to keep an eye on me. Then because i did not entertain her i get told on and of course her store manager sends an email out to District, my manager and her manager complaining about how she felt abused and ignored.
                          "To each his own"


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                            Wait, maybe I can top that! Get up to THREE yapping Yorkies, one of whom is not mine. She decided to go outside, bark THEN come in and do her business. I'm trying to get ready to go for nerve functions tests on my hands and feet because of numbness. Only it hurts so bad to walk, I have to call a friend to come and get me.
                            My 2 Yorkies deside that if the visiting yorkie can do her stuff in the house, so can they. I go crazy, put them all on the porch and have to clean up with nice smelling Resolve before my friend gets there.
                            My friend gets there and lets the dogs off the porch so we have to catch them, me limping and in pain. Ok, house contained.
                            My friend gets me to the diagnostic center where they have to test the function of the nerves and muscles in my feet, legs and hand. The nice man says, "Ok, mam, this involves just using tiny litle shocks on your nerves and muscles. Won't hurt a bit." He PINS an electrode on one leg and before I can yell, zaps me and my whole leg flies up in the air, landing on the SIDE of the gurney with me going, "?*#*$^! WON'T HURT A BIT??????" He says, "Well, some people have low pain thresholds" and he zaps my hand that goes flying up in the air, landing with a thud on the gurney. &*$&$^$&%^$^$^! I said, "What the H*LL are you doing? This HURTS!" "Oh, so sorry, Mam, but this is my first day doing this alone" and he zaps my OTHER leg that goes flying up in the air and land THUD on the side of the gurney.
                            Now, I'm REALLY mad. I get up and he gets another electrode and I said, "Don't you touch me! Get someone in here that knows what they are doing!" So, he gets someone else. And I hear, "Why do you have the voltage so high?" AARRGGHHH! So, she does it with a minimum of pain. Finally, it's over and my friend is helping me out of the building, laughing so hard, she has tears running down her cheeks cause I'm cursing like a merchant marine. Dang! It STILL hurts.
                            But, one good thing did happen. We stop at the store on the way home and I'm limping into the store to by stuff for my salad I have to have everyday. My friend is still smirking and gurgling laughs and I'm shooting her dirty looks.
                            Nothing eventful at the check out until I go to pull out my eyeglass case to get my sun glasses...Lo an behold, I come up with the TV REMOTE THAT WAS MISSING FOR A WEEK! I stand there staring at it and by this time, my friend has to sit down and cross her legs cause she isn't near a bathroom and she's laughing too hard.
                            We make it home where three Yorkies are yapping because the cat is sitting in front of the gate laughing at them.
                            I make it to the couch and said, "Gale, please, just get me some ice packs from the freezer." ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Noiw THAT felt good on my arms and legs he fried.
                            Then I come in here and Mike tells everyone he saw me naked when I TOLD him to say nothing as we were trying dresses on at the store.
                            My legs hurt. My arms and hands hurt. I think that technician was a closet sadist!

                            [ 07-10-2002: Message edited by: Mitzi ]


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                              Yep, tops mine. Nothing like getting electricuted.
                              "To each his own"


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