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  • Nicknames ..appropriate or otherwise.........

    The police service never fails to tag individuals according to characteristics or events. What appropriate or inappropriate nicknames have you come across? Here are two of the local characters in my home force:

    Broken Arrow.... named because this officer wouldn't work and cannot be fired!!

    Thrush.... this Traffic Sergeant according to fellow officers is an irritating c**t.

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    Here's mine at least...

    Deputy Dewey: Look like David Arquette from Scream

    Deputy Doofus: Guess I act kinda unusual sometimes...

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      Crash- wiped out 3 radio car's- non emergency driving- too much vodka

      Kiss of Death: we would set a golf date on that day he would say it's gonna rain and it did

      Joe bitfzk; Parked his new ride on a pier- it went in.

      Lone Ranger- tied his police horse on the pier, the horse went in

      Proud Mary: fell in love with every cop she went out with- sh's also a cop


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        Slug: Just like it's animal namesake, this officer just sits there, does little, and eats off the efforts of others.

        ROD: Retired On Duty; technically still working, but he/she might as well retire, based upon the level of (in)active police work. Somewhat similar to slug.

        Tackleberry: Like the namesake character from the "Police Academy" comedy movies, extremely heavy handed tactics, carries far more firepower than necessary, but very loyal to his fellow police officers.

        Barney Fife: Another namesake character taken from Hollywood (this time, from the "Andy Griffith" TV Show), a bit of a "doofus" (see the above post) to the point where his Sheriff (Andy Griffith) will only allow him ONE bullet, which he keeps in his shirt pocket. Unlike Tackleberry, being called a "Barney Fife" cannot be construed as a compliment under any circumstances.

        Snake: Generally reserved for management types and management wannabees. Refers to being slimy, slithering through the grass to pounce on unsuspecting prey (fellow police officers). Also see weasel.


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          I have the nickname "CRASH" cause I ran my car into the brand new garage door we had for like 3 days.


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            Blue hair: a gramma or grampa driving

            Bucket of coal: very derogatory name for a car full of blacks (Talk about racial profiling!!) Please don't use it!!

            Road pizza . . .

            Felony stupidity

            or . . .

            Felonious name-calling

            Pea-shooter (or is that a military term?)

            Desk jockey (That's me!!)

            Armchair quarterback (someone who wasn't there giving opinions) Also wheelchair general, Monday morning quarterback

            But I stray from police nicknames. I would, to continue this thread, like to know what nicknames police call each other. I already heard on another thread a state trooper calling Don a poopy shirt although I can't see how that particular state trooper could know about Don's personal hygiene.

            This is actually for a story I'm writing.
            PLEASE: what do state troopers call local municipal police -- in a derogatory sense? Since I'm no longer one, nothing you say will offend me!! I actually need this information. If you don't give it to me, I'll start calling you at home!! Then I'll start calling at 3am!!

            Any other names??

            Poopy shirt.



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              "Moocher Al" for obvious reasons. Had once worked LAPD. If we were on a prisoner transport to the LA area would drive clear across the basin to get to an
              6P1 (retired)


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                I like this thread!

                A family confided to me yesterday that all 3 officers of my (former) department had nicknames:

                Officer Humble
                Officer Arrogant
                Chief Zoom but I drive SLOW!

                Chris Zoo . . . . Chris


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                  "Clam Dude" deputy whose last name was Oyster.

                  **Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.**
                  6P1 (retired)
                  6P1 (retired)


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                    Gunky-I got that in the military after a couple nights on the town.

                    "Never try to teach a pig to sing...it wastes your time and it annoys the pig."


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                      I was called Rocket Man, from an incident in 1973, in Germany, wherein I rousted into formation an entire Combat Engineer company, at about 0300 hours, because someone had broken out my car window with a bottle rocket.

                      (A funny story all by itself!) The name stuck.

                      Jim Burnes


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                        OH, and remember kids: Never order an entire Combat Engineer company into formation at 0300 hours!

                        Results can be traumatic.

                        Jim Burnes


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                          ASPIRIN = slow working dope


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                            Hmmm, a trip down Memory Lane....

                            Lessee, there's Schultz, Klink, Little Adolf, Il Duce, Nazi, Fascist, Commando, Sarge, chuckles, and stuffed shirt, to pick some of the nicer ones. My current favorite however, is ...... Mr. Warmth

                            Dave Kiefner
                            [i]Die Wahrheit ist eine Perle. Werfen sie nicht vor die S


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                              UPS Man: Ultimate Patrol Supervisor, thinks he's God's gift....


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