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    "When Egyptian immigrant Heshem Mohamed Hadayet approached the
    El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport on
    the afternoon of July 4, he was clearly bent on murdering as
    many people as possible. Hadayet, who was armed with two guns
    and a knife, opened fire on a group of people lined up at the
    counter, killing two persons and wounding seven others before
    being slain himself by an El Al security officer. ... Shortly
    after the attack, FBI officials made a series of statements
    that seemed to downplay the possibility that Hadayet's bloody
    rampage could have had anything to do with terrorism. ... But
    none of this is inconsistent with the reality that, based on the
    information made public thus far, Hadayet was also a terrorist,
    not just a thug who enjoyed preying upon people who looked or
    acted differently from him. The U.S. Code defines terrorism as
    'premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against
    noncombatant targets.' ... The accurate definition of a crime is
    no mere semantic exercise. It can have critical implications
    that could help prevent future attacks. That's something law
    enforcement will need to keep in mind as it goes forward with
    the El Al probe." --Washington Times


    From the "Moral Innumeracy" Files: "Once again, violence
    broke out this week between an Arab and Israelis -- this time
    at Los Angeles International Airport. Once again, the attack
    was labeled a 'terrorist act' -- this time by Israeli officials
    characterizing the way Egyptian-born Hesham Mohamed Hadayat had
    killed two Israelis." --Los Angeles Times on the "violence"
    that somehow "broke out" on July 4th when Hadayat committed
    premeditated murder of two Jews at the counter of Israeli airlines
    El Al, then was killed in defensive acts of security agents.
    **If this ain't terrorism, ain't nothing is terrorism. {} This
    week's "News Nonsensica" Award: "If they [foreign entrants] have
    visas and are from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan or Syria, they now
    pose national security concerns and must be fingerprinted and
    photographed. ...It's a little like the search for communists in
    the government after World War II." --CNN's Bruce Morton {} This
    week's "Sagacity" Award: "If this sounds like Mr. Bush has come
    down squarely on Israel's side in the Israeli-Palestinian struggle,
    that is how it looks in the Middle East and in Washington." --Peter
    Jennings on the President's peace plan. **What was your first
    clue, Peter? {} From the "Say Again" Files: "I am a liberal,
    which means I believe in dissent and I believe in listening to
    others." -- PBS's Bill Moyers **Huh?


    This week's "Ignarus Perpetuus" Award: "I am outraged and
    deeply saddened to learn of today's shooting at LAX. That it
    happened on the day on which we honor what America stands for
    -- liberty, security and diversity -- makes this particularly
    more tragic." --California Gov. Gray Davis commenting on the
    LAX shooting (not terrorist act, mind you)...on Independence
    Day. **We checked, Gray, and there's no mention of "diversity"
    in the Declaration of Independence. We checked the Constitution,
    too -- no "diversity" there, either. Maybe that's not what America
    stands for. ++ And in second place: "More than ever, we cherish
    the uniquely American rights and values that our Founding Fathers
    gave us." --DNC chief Terry McAuliffe **We checked, Terry, and the
    Founders cited God, not themselves, as the source of those rights.
    {} Effluent from the "Most Ethical Administration": "Progress
    and Paradox: The Realities of Globalization in the Twenty-First
    Century." --Title of Arkansas Law Review article by disbarred
    lawyer-author Bill Clinton. ++ More evidence why their Party
    mascot is a jackass: "[I] would spend more time speaking from
    the heart [on] the basic challenges of the country." --Albert
    Gore responding to a query about running in '04 **Translation:
    "I will be offering up more lies, distortion and spin to stir
    emotions expedient to my agenda."


    This week's "HomoPromo" Award: "We didn't want to select the penis
    as a logo for the gay community. We have more respect for the gay
    community than that." --Dr. Peter Kerndt, Sexually Transmitted
    Disease Program chief for the Los Angeles Health Department,
    being a stand-up guy in refusing participation in a California
    program designed to increase awareness of syphilis outbreaks among
    homosexuals, which uses a cartoon penis infected with syphilis.
    {} This week's "Village Ignorati" Award: "So the contempt for
    the American people has been made more vivid by the two Bushes
    than all of the presidents before them. Although many of them
    had the same contempt. But they were more clever about concealing
    it." --Gore Vidal {} This week's "Village Glitterati" Award: "I
    don't think those with a different point of view than mine should
    be forced to say the words 'under God' in public." --Martin Sheen
    **Who's forcing? {} This week's "Gender Disorientation Disorder"
    Award: "The most absurd part of my escape from the unjust system is
    that I have exchanged one system that suppresses free opinion for
    another." --Martina Navratilova, who escaped from Czechoslovakia
    at the age of 18 to become a U.S. "citizen" collecting many
    U.S. dollars to buy a soapbox to complain about the defeat of
    Teddy Kennedy's legislation to single out homosexuals for civil
    rights class distinction. **A chronic case of "tennis envy"!
    {} From the "Village Academic Curriculum" File: The University of
    North Carolina at Chapel Hill is requiring 3,500 incoming freshmen
    read a book on the Qur'an: "The Early Revelations." The ACLU's
    Seth Jaffe noted, "We are keeping an eye on it, but so far it does
    not seem to be problematic." Would Mr. Jaffe have a problem if
    UNC required all its incoming freshmen to read the Bible?


    "A liberal judge who finds God unconstitutional is precisely
    the stuff of which Republican dreams and Democratic nightmares
    are made." --Jonah Goldberg {} "There are enough fools in
    Washington to destroy the country without any help from Muslim
    terrorists." --Paul Craig Roberts {} "Remember the good old
    days when a guy ran for president and lost and you never heard
    from him again?" --Greg Crosby {} "Bill Clinton has still got
    some of us snowed, and the younger, the more snowable. Actually,
    a piece by Bill Clinton on the law and how to get around it
    might have been of considerable interest. Much like a piece by
    Willie Sutton in a banking journal. It would have had a True
    Confessions kind of appeal." --Paul Greenberg {} "Julian Bond
    is in rare form as the NAACP convention opens in Houston, Texas.
    Bush this ... right-wingers that ... racism this, that and the
    other thing. The same tired old 'we're so picked on' story,
    Chapter 342." --Neal Boortz {} "The geniuses at WorldCom, Arthur
    Andersen, Enron (remember them?), Global Crossing, and Qwest have
    done for top executives at major corporations what Monica Lewinsky
    did for White House interns." --Rich Galen {} "Constitutional
    Convention: I've got it! Rather than ruling the country directly,
    lets just sell franchises to the states." --Bob Thaves in the comic
    strip "Frank & Ernest" {} "Wiley's Dictionary: Withdrawal -- how
    Southerners are born." --Johnny Hart in the comic strip "B.C." {}
    This week's "Keen Sense of the Obvious" Award was a toss-up between
    "Bond Between Child and Parents Runs Deep, Effects Are Lasting"
    --Associated Press headline, and "Lawmakers Likely to Use Issues
    for Fodder in Autumn Elections"--subheadline, Denver Post {}
    A Greenfield, Wisconsin, man attempted to rob a gun dealer with
    a knife. The owner of the store shot the robber. The Milwaukee
    Journal Sentinel described the robber as "the victim."

    Jay Leno.... For the first time in five years, street crime
    is up. Just on one street, though -- Wall Street!

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    i wonder how many of these people that were quoted rode the short bus to school? it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see these are no rocket scientists!!

    I'll post, You argue.


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