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Stock market woes......


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  • Stock market woes......

    My parents HAD BEEN looking forward to retiring next summer. However, seeing as how their retirement(through their employer) is in the stock market, those plans are now on hold.

    By my dad's accounting, they've 'lost' over $250K in the past 4 months. He jokes about 'never really having it', but I can see the worry in his eyes.....
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    That is very unfortunate. I hope things work out for them, somehow.


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      All the indicators say that the stock market will recover once all these businesses get their collective heads from their posterior regions. The stock marget was strong and it still has a good foundation so it should take back all the ground it has lost. Granted while it may take it two or three years it will get back. Meanwhile this is a god time for someone to get into it on the ground floor before it fully recovers.

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        Remember that when things are low it is a buying opportunity. Just watch the market till it bottoms out. When it rises for a few days, get back in. It aint that hard. I doubled my retirement in one year just by manipulating the funds from one market to the next.
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          But at least we've got Dubya at the helm. Who better to catch crooked execs than a crooked exec:


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