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First to hit the slopes


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  • First to hit the slopes

    Yes, that's right, The first to hit the ski slopes here in Colorado. Was up at Loveland ski resort. resort workers and die hard shiers were the first to ski down the base of man made snow. Least it is still warm down here in "DA springs".

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    Glad you had fun Evan.

    You do realize though that I harbor immense hate for you, right ?

    Ok, so maybe its jealousy.

    I'd love to live in the rockies, Texas is great but I hope to someday make my home up there. Every vacation I take I go to either colo. springs or the durango area.

    [ 10-18-2002, 06:51 PM: Message edited by: Rimfire ]
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      Wow, Lucky you! I have never been to Colorado but sounds like the skiing is nice.

      I would like to hit Tahoe one more time before I leave California as it seems to be a neat place also!

      Have fun skiin'
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        My niece moved to Colorado Springs last year. i look forward to visiting her maybe next year, and getting to see the area. she said its very nice. she doesnt ski tho (yet).

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          I wish I could go! Got tickets to Keystone/A-Basin this year. It will be the year I learn to snowboard. Or break something trying. We'll see [Wink]

          Glad you had fun, I've been really worried about the terrain this year, it was pretty crummy last year.
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            I think the last time I skied was back the early 90's when I was stationed in Germany. I really miss it. Have fun.
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              That's Cool, wish I was there too...I have a season pass to Mammoth Mountain which is bigger than anything but Vail in Colorado and NEVER has the crowds of most Colorado resorts since it's not close to any big Metropolis. The snow fall is also more consistent and deeper than Colorado resorts (even Wolf Creek the way things have been there the past few years).

              I also have a Utah trip planned and TWO week long trips to Whistler this season. We're going heli-boarding on one of the trips....should be a blast.
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