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NYPD Blue, do you like old or new better?


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  • NYPD Blue, do you like old or new better?

    I know that NYPD Blue is a hot show, especially for members here, and I was wondering... do you like the old shows or the new ones better? I watch the reruns on TNT in the afternoons, back in the time when Det. John Kelly (David Caruso..YUM!!) was on. I like the old ones a lot better than the new ones with Ric Shroder and that kid from saved by the bell. So, which do you like better? Also, who is your favorite actor/actress on the show?

    My favorite's are Sipowitz and John Kelly. Sipowitz is who every cop wants to be, if it were legal! LOL He is that no holds barred kind of guy. John Kelly, aside from being gorgeous, is always so quiet, calm, and handles things. I mean, I have seen him beat the **** out of somebody and he is still just as calm and collected. His body must not know what adreline is!
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    which one is john kelly?


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      He is the lucious red head detective, average height, beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes. Now do you know??

      He is on the older episodes, on the reruns on TNT in the afternoon. He is Sipowitz' partner.
      In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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        Ever since "The Shield" came out, NYPD Blue ain't ****....


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          I haven't seen many of the old ones, so I prefer the newer ones.

          Sipowicz is my fave as well. Totally no-holds-barred kind of guy!

          NO on Ricky Schroeder as I can't get the Silver Spoons episodes out of my head!

          Haven't seen the shield so I should check it out!
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            The Old...the older the better...I haven't even bothered since Schroeder came and went...not his fault though, I think the writing was just terrible....

            I've moved on to "King of Queens" and "Everybody Loves Raymond"!!!
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              The new one's got a long way to go to top Kim Delaney's nekked butt!
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                I like the new NYPD's. I think this years writing and stories are better than they have been in a few years.

                While Kim Delaney was hot, I think Charlotte Ross is way hotter. Of course women with guns and badges really do something for me.
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