OK here's the deal. If I wrote a police report involving an offense that would require an active criminal investigation and disclosed ANYTHING in the public info. section other than X incident occurred at Y location at Z time in violation of the laws of the state. My LT would have me working bike patrol on the bike with no seat.
WTF are the people running this DC shooting spree (I refuse to use, acknowledge or justify the term sniper in this case.I am a police sniper. This is an ******* with a rifle.) thinking? "We know it's this kind of vehicle with a tail light out and these kind of tires" Jumping Jeezus just give them the case file! Now it seems one of the witnesses lied.So bad info was spread. Screw the media. Sometimes it is best to say nothing about what you know.
Of course information should be shared in the interest of public safety or to gather leads from the public. Disinformation should be put out to trip the bad guys. But it sems to me that CNN knows way too much. Why do police administrators feed the panic machine? Don't they realize that is exactly what these bad guys want? I guess we do things a little different down here. It frustrates me to no end to see the news reporting every detail every day.