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    Originally posted by Rayden:
    and how old is this kid that gave you the finger?

    **********Major Snippiage*************

    Do i have a point?
    If you re-read my post, the youngster who "flipped me off" was approximately 18 months........STILL IN A PAMPER!
    He now is approximately 12 years old, on trial for kicking a man to death with 4 or 5 other older sibilings and cousins.
    And I can't see your point, & you also need remeidal engilsh to correct errors in punctuation and grammar.....


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      I was stationed in Washington DC for a time, and shortly after my son was born (very prematurely I might add), we were trying to get him to sleep. A group of young girls, 2 white and 1 black, were playing in the stairwell and making a racket. I asked them to quiet down and play somewhere else. They politely complied and that was the last of it (I thought). The next day, as the family and I were leaving for a walk, 2 young black men confronted me, my wife, my five year old daughter and newborn son. They jumped out from behind some bushes and began ranting at us, implying that I had call "the sister a bitch". I felt immediately threatened (who wouldn't the way they came at us!) and prepared for what I believed would be an ugly fight. After a moment, when I didn't back down, I think they realized they couldn't take me. I very angrily asked why they had jumped my family like this, that someone could've gotten hurt very badily, and the older one replied "we at war with you all".

      I had merely asked their "sister" and company to play elsewhere, and somehow it got twisted into an ugly racial confrontation.

      I can only imagine why young African-Americans feel this way, considering their rap idols on TV preach a sick hate-like gospel. It has become popular culture for them. I guess the shoe is finally on the other foot. Now the big question is, how can the damage be undone???
      Conversation with a drunk at a DUI Checkpoint: Me: "How much have you had to drink tonight?" Drunk: "Two beers..." Me: "Two beers????" Drunk: "Yeah, two forty ouncers..."


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        Do i have a point?

        No, because you dont have a clue. Being a "Gangsta" doesnt give you any idea of what a cops job is. When you do get a clue come back and talk to us. I will be waiting to see your next "enlightend" post.


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          [QUOTE]Originally posted by shooter1201:
          [QB]For the past 8 months, I've been trying to build a reputation of honesty and sincerity among the people that I deal with as a police officer.

          That is basicaly what i have been trying to do for some time now. and i think slowly it is starting to work. i never expected for things to change over night, or if even at all. only thing i am trying to do is let people know that we ( police) are not the bad guy.
          Excalibur this was not a racial thing it hurt cus it was comming from a kid. but it is ok cus now i know that i just need to spend a little more time with this young kid and show him the good that we all do.


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            That is such a sad story. I think those parents might deserve a beating for the lies they are putting in there childrens mind. I think they are no better than the KKK. I go out of my way to always try to improve relations with the black community. I hate it when anyone on either side does anything to hurt the relationship.


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              My wife had a rediculous situation the other day at work. She is the program director for 3 sites that do in-home care for people with developmental disabilites-people that can't care at all for themselves. This black lady was sleeping on the job, not watching the clients, so my wife fired her which is policy. She screamed racism and lawsuit. "It's because I'm black", she stated. Un-freaking-believable. I'm sure she is a Jesse Jackson follower. That guy breeds hate.
              Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations!


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