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realy hurt


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  • realy hurt

    I was out doing a walking patrol today, there were a few kids in the nationhood and they wanted to see the patrol car so I told them sure. Next thing I know every kid for 50 mi was looking at the car playing with the lights and having a good time. There was a black kid standing on the sidewalk he was probly about 6 years old. I asked him if he wanted to see the car. He looked at me and said you are not going to beat me. Are you? I was shocked to say the least so I asked him why would he think such a thing his reply was cus I am a whit cop and he is black. I tried to tell him that he was safe, and was also trying to figure out where he got such an idea he told me from my mom and dad.
    I have only been on the job for about 3 years now, and have see all kinds of things, and have had people tell me all kinds of things, but this really hurt. Why would some one tell their kids such a thing?

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    There are hate mongers in EVERY RACE!
    Unfortunately this kid has parents with
    the get whitey attitude and all whites
    are bad.

    There is scum in every race, and every
    race has its supremist hate groups.
    Unfortunately, this kid is being ruined
    by horrible parents whom are obviously
    not the least bit interested in easing
    racial tensions.

    You did the best thing you could, because
    now you got that kid thinking, and you
    might have proven to him his parents are
    not always right. Good job!


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      It is sad but unfortunately it happens more then we would like to know!

      Its also sad that his parents would say that. I am sure you know not to take it personally but I also know its hard not to.

      I've met kids who were told white and black can't marry each other, boys are better then girls, etceteras. I am a bit forceful in telling them they are wrong, but gentle in explaining why I believe that.


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        I see it in my teaching. Many years ago, when I was a young intern, I taught in a fourth grade class. I was warned that many of the black children came from rascist and activist homes.
        These kids refused to warm up to me. I was white. I didn't try to earn their admiration, I just taught. If I punished one, I was warned their Daddy would put a bomb in my car. I was not afraid of these children, just wary.
        When the time came for my internship to end, I told the kids how much I would miss them. I just got these bored expressions. I usually got hugs when I left an internship but these kids just warily watched me.
        I left, with a heavy heart. As I got to my car, I heard my name called. There were 7 of the kids. They left class without permission because each of them wanted to give me a picture of themselves. I admit.....I cried. They wanted no hugs save one little girl. I told them all that it's PEOPLE that are bad, not just one race. Then, they all hugged me and cried.
        It hurt my heart so much that these beautiful, innocent little children WANTED to love me as I loved them but they couldn't. And the reason they came out to the car was they were scared their teacher, who was white, would tell their parents that they gave me a picture and hugged me.
        I still get tears over this.


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          It is people like you who and ice fog
          and all of us who will make the difference.
          Those kids will always remember you, and
          one day they will be parents. That is
          when we will hopefully see the beginning
          of the end of the hate from ALL races.

          The parents are a waste of time to deal
          with, but the kids can be positively influenced.


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            I really hate the parents that tell their children, "If you don't be good, the police will come and get you and throw you in a cell."
            "Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open." Sir James Dewar 1842-1923


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              About 10 years ago, while on a ride along with a good friend who's an LEO, we ventured down a neighborhood known for major gang activity.
              It was the middle of July, about 104F, and the beginning of the swing shift.
              We noticed a little tyke about 18 months old, playing with a garden hose out by the parking strip near the road, while an older woman (grandmother?) watched from the shade of a nearby tree.

              "Wave to the little tyke as we roll by," my friend driving the marked unit said.

              As we got close, I put down the window and gave the kid a wave and a my surprise this toddler (still in a Pampers) gave me the finger!

              Advance to the present: that same youngster is now on trial, along with half a dozen family members for beating to death the father of a local PD officer...for his pocket change!

              When hate is this in-bred, it is difficult (if not impossible) to bridge the gap.....


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                and how old is this kid that gave you the finger? The Reason why parents are telling their kids that cops can be dangerouse is because parents watch the News and sometimes Hears that Cops that beats on suspects as soon as they hold 'em down which really shocks the community when something like that happens! i think the Police department really needs to have better and strict rules into being a Cop so this type of stuffs wont happen. I know cops duty is to be aggressive towards suspects but not too aggressive that'll make the suspect hospitalize the job is to put away the suspect without putting him or her into a hospital where hes beaten to death....

                if this type of stuffs wouldnt happen then parents wont be saying that type of stuffs to their Kids.

                Do i have a point?
                -Lord Rayden


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                  No you don't have a point! These things you talk about are a very small percentage of all contacts police have with other people....the great majority of cops are excellent people, and they should not all be judged as bad just becuase of the actions of a few.


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                    I was just reading this post and really feeling the pain that some of you experienced and all of a sudden I see Rayden's post.

                    Your scenario is very very infrequent and the only reason you hear about it is because the media loves to flaunt it. Especially if they have video.
                    If you compare the number of good arrest to the ones where excessive force was used you will see that the occurance rate is nill to none.
                    It sounds like your another who gets his education from CNN.
                    It's easier to get out of jail than it is a morgue. Live long and defend yourself!

                    Jhn 3:16
                    NRA Lifer


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                      Rayden, or should I say gangster ,

                      The only point you have made is one of ignorance. Incidents like that occur far less frequently than what you or the media would like us to believe. If a parent will raise a child to have respect for authority, that same parent is not going to teach their child to tell the cops to f**k off whenever they come into contact with them. Gee, wonder why these kids end up behind bars somewhere down the line? This is not to say that beatings by cops never occur, but MY point is that they don't occur very often and, when they are unwarranted, those officers should pay the price for it. If you are going to stay on the "beating by cop" bandwagon, then maybe you should troll yourself back to Hell land where you say you came from.
                      Contrary to popular belief, knowledge is not power. Without wisdom, knowledge is useless.


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                        For the past 8 months, I've been trying to build a reputation of honesty and sincerity among the people that I deal with as a police officer.

                        I remember being surprised, and hurt, when I noticed little kids RUNNING from my patrol car when I drove up their street.

                        I remember these cute little Mexican girls peeking at me from behind trees when I drove through their trailer park.

                        What did I do to change THEIR behavior and perception of 'the police'? I got out of my car and TALKED with them....and their parents/guardians. I also began keeping candy(suckers) in my patrol car for each kid I come in contact with. You'd be surprised how many ADULTS I give those to, also. I showed them that *I* was HUMAN....complete with feelings....and faults.

                        Last weekend, I responded with other city units to a domestic. A 'husband' was supposedly restraining his wife against her will. Turns out, the 'wife' was trying to go buy drugs(had no $$$ so she was going to sell herself).

                        Anyway, a couple of the younger adults at the residence(I knew from past encounters), asked if they could talk to me.....SINCE THEY KNEW I WOULD LISTEN to them. They were concerned about the 2 year old child living in the house. were half a dozen young adults that the other officers habitually IGNORE, showing CONCERN for another human being. Imagine that....

                        Anyway......your skin will get 'thicker', unfortunately.

                        [ 07-23-2001: Message edited by: shooter1201 ]
                        "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
                        -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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                          It's a sign of the times.
                          Illegitimus non carborundus!


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                            Just sad. Ksfuzz, I think you are only half right. Most, the vast majority, of officers are good people doing an honest and respectable job. But those few bad apples are the ones out making a lot of those "contacts". Those few bad ones encounter many more people in their carreer than the honest officers do, and that throws the proportions out of wack in the eyes of the civilians.

                            You guys are only seeing half the story though. It isn't just black or hispanic kids that do this, but white kids as well. I've seen it happen with my own eyes, and the kid wasn't interested in what color the officer was, it was the uniform that set him off. A little two year old breaking away from his mother to physically attack the officer. I have never seen a more condfused man in my life, and I could tell it really hurt him afterwards.

                            The public, kids especially, need more contact with the honest officers, maybe just to find out that the cops are just people instead of the enemy. I salute those of you going out of your way to reach these kids on a human level. Maybe, just maybe, it will make them question what they have previously learned. I don't envy you in your job.


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                              "I know cops duty is to be aggressive towards suspects but not too aggressive that'll make the suspect hospitalize the job is to put away the suspect without putting him or her into a hospital where hes beaten to death...."

                              Oh please rayden, share with us how you know this?


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