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Another Beatle near death / Did they impact you?


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  • Another Beatle near death / Did they impact you?

    It is reported that George Harrison is near death. Did the significance of the Beatles have any impact on your life? If so what?

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    Yeah it had an impact.
    I used to listen to them alot as was going thru highschool. I did'nt think much of their buddist/harekrishna/indian guru expeireinces but I figured that was more publicty than anything.I had a few of their tapes and we used to swap em out years ago when I was in the Navy. I remember when Lennon got tagged. I have a brother in lawe that has every song ever played by them, he is a beetle fanatic. Not me though, I just listened to the music.
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      They had no impact on me. I never understood the hype. I guess I'm too young.


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        The Beetles changed the world. Their music, clothes, hair style and open use of drugs and free love were the genesis for the hippies. They have survived forty years in the music industry and have never even looked like faltering. I grew up with the music of the Beetles. Every time I hear one of their songs, it brings back memories of my youth. To hear that one of them is near death is sad. It reminds me of my mortality.

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          Originally posted by Niteshift:
          They had no impact on me. I never understood the hype. I guess I'm too young.
          I'd almost bet money that you are just saying that tongue in cheek, and that in reality you are a geezer like Don! You wish you were a young boy like me.


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            How much do you have to lose Mac?

            I've met 2 staff members in person to verify it. You, my friend, have 13-14 years on me


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              We'll have to have video to prove it of course!


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                Then pay up......those videos are valuable.


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                  I for one greatly enjoyed their music. And watching some of the old clips of when they came to America it seems as though they were pretty quick with the one liners as well! I have read many books about them and by them, and they tell of some pretty wild nights!

                  I have purchased much of their music over the years and finally found a book that has every song they recorded as a group written out note for note. From what I can tell it is pretty accurate, and given my experiance with music, that in itself is a major accomplishment for the authors of the book. You can play a lot of music different ways and it may sound to you like the original but to another person you can be way off. Sometimes it is hard to get it just like the artist did it.

                  I always liked McCartney and Lennon best and when ever I hear one of their tunes it does take me back to yesterday. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be someone like that, let alone 4 someones like that. It is mind boggling to have the ability to produce something that has had such a profound effect on the world. Just try to imagine the talent the four of them brought together, and the ability these people had to get anything they wanted at anytime, and not let it destroy them! Imagine everywhere you went women would virtually throw themselves at you, and men too. And in the middle of all that they managed to have somewhat normal familys!

                  Several years ago the 3 remaining Beatles were offered half a billion dollars to do a concert together and they refused.
                  It truly must have been a magical mystery tour through life!

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                    Gee, looks like they made a slight error

                    This was from the same news site today!

                    LONDON - George Harrison says not only have reports of his imminent demise been exaggerated, they disgust him.

                    The former Beatle, who is battling cancer, responded to weekend reports in British newspapers that he didn't have long to live.

                    On the contrary, Harrison said in a statement he was "active and feeling very well."

                    The same statement said the 58-year-old guitarist and his wife Olivia were "disappointed and disgusted" by the news reports.

                    This year, Harrison has been treated for a brain tumour and lung cancer.

                    But he denies reports he told close friend and former Beatles producer George Martin he didn't have long to live.

                    Martin also denies ever speaking to a newspaper, Harrison's statement said.

                    After undergoing treatment at a Swiss clinic, Harrison said two weeks ago he was fine.

                    He had surgery at the Mayo Clinic in the United States in May, to remove cancer from a lung.

                    And three years ago, he successfully fought off throat cancer.

                    A year and a half ago, Harrison survived a different sort of attack, when an intruder at his home stabbed him in the chest.



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