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What was the WORST date....


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  • What was the WORST date....

    ...you EVER had?

    I asked this one really CUTE girl out in college. She had the softest brown eyes I'd ever seen. We went to a movie. At first, I thought the theater was cold....then I realized it was HER. Man, she gave new meaning to the term Ice Queen.
    "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
    -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division

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    Guy calls me at work and says "What time are you leaving?" I tell him, then he asks "What time will you be home?" I asked him what the plans were...he says "I just wanted to know what time dinner was going to be and what you're cooking."

    Yes, this was a "date", not a husband!

    Guess we know why he's still single.


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      When I was 18 I went out on a date with a temp from work. She was really hot looking, good personality and sense of humour. Perfect I thought. The date went well until the end of the evening when we had a bit of a passionate kiss. My GOD, she had the worst breath in the universe, I almost gagged whilst kissing her [Eek!] You know the smell that you get when a cell has had several tramps and drunks in it, well thats almost as bad as her mouth.
      Needless to say I never saw her again.
      Scream if you wanna go faster


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        OK, I'll turn this around a bit. I believe I was someone's worst date ever.

        Let me set the stage. I met a very attractive girl at a church retreat and we became 'pen pals' (she lived about 100 miles away). All we did for three years was write letters. Finally, she invited me to her sister's wedding.

        I met her the night before the wedding and we had a great time (nod, nod, wink, wink).

        Then the wedding day came.

        She was a brides-maid in the wedding, so I was on my own a lot during the pre-wedding activities, the wedding and the reception. I was young and started to get a little bored. I also had free access to the bar. It proved to be a deadly combination.

        By about midnight, I was having trouble sitting up straight. I told her I was going out to the car to "get my head straight." She came out to check on me once and I was passed out in the back seat. When the reception was over, she drove me back to the place I was staying and gave me a quick good-bye.

        The next morning I woke up and realized I had screwed up something fierce. I called her and asked to meet her. She was obviously angry but said I could come by. When I did, she was with her sister and mother. Everyone gave me the cold shoulder. I asked her out to breakfast but she turned me down. We said good-bye without even a hug.

        When I got home later that day I immediately sat down to write her a letter of apology. She never replied. Two more letters went unanswered before I chalked it up to experience.

        She probably still remembers me as the guy who wrote nice letters but was an obnoxious drunk in person. Sigh.
        Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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          my worst date was when a girlfriend of mine got this dude and i together and he was a scrub. i mean, a total scrub. at least have some manners and open the door for a lady, you know? and plus, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII paid for dinner and IIIIIIII had to entertain him and IIIIIIIIII was so ****ed off to learn that a man like him was alive on this earth...who is so ugly and scrubby like this one..looks come second because with a nice personality and moral standard i can give you some good credit but without any out that...you are a SCRUB...
          "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."


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            Sounds like Leykis 101 to me.
            "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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              My worst date was a Homecoming date that my friends set up! They literally had to pay this guy money to take me out......

              It was awful as neither of us wanted to be together! It was a learning experience though and if I saw him today I would still feel the same way.
              "Life breaks us all and afterwards some are strong at the broken places."
              --Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


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                Mine would have to be in highschool. I asked a girl out and she ok and I thought all was well. When we arrived at the party I learned that she had only agreed to go out with me for a ride. Then it got real ugly when her boyfriend showed up and found out I had brought his girlfriend. Needless to say neither of us was welcome at the party when it was over.
                I didn't do it, I swear.


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                  I dated a girl in high school for about a month...our first official date was over at her house...We were working on Spanish. Real romantic huh?

                  Both of her parents never left the doorway of her room. Nor did they say anything...they just stood there and watched. It was the weirdest thing on the planet...it's not like we were even trying to shut the door or something.

                  Odd. Very, very odd.
                  I haven't felt this good since we stole the 2000 elections!--Ned Flanders


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                    Spanish is a Romance language. THAT's why they stuck around....LOL
                    "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
                    -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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                      I just got seperated from my first wife. Some one I worked with fixed me up with one of her friends. She gave me her Phone number and a "brief discription of her. I decidede to call her. We talked alittle, and came to the immediate conclusion that she must be a knock-out due to her sexy voice.

                      Well I went to her house to pick her up. When I arrived this most outrageous girl was standing out side of the house [Eek!] . I got out of my car to greet her, but she ran back inside.
                      . One minute later her,Sister came out. That was my date [Eek!] Fat and ugly would be an understatement Of course I followed through with the date.(with the aid of some alcahol).


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