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G8 and The New World Order ???


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  • G8 and The New World Order ???

    I've been watching the serious riots in Genoa in Italy at the G8 summit.
    Up to 30,000 protesters against about 35,000 police.
    Serious trouble has taken over there including one anarchist shot dead and many police injured.
    The pictures have been disturbing to say the least. This is not a "small" riot, it's about as big as it can get and we're only one day into the meeting.

    This all started at the G8 summit in the US about 2 years ago and it's getting bigger.

    What does everyone think ? Is this the start of something ? More and more people are turning up for these meetings and are becoming "anti-capitalist".
    Personally I'm starting to think this is just going to get worse and worse as the years go on.

    Better break out my NATO helmet and baton!!

    Stay safe

    "Never under-estimate the power of thick people in large groups"

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    Why do you say he was an anarchist?


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      It's getting a bit grim. I think part of the problem is that there are so many different groups involved.

      They travel from all over the world to protest against the G8 summit. If they did not live in a capitalist democratic society I doubt they would have the financial means to travel to Italy to protest.

      I don't know how best to contain the disorder
      the Police seem to take a tanking all the time, from the protesters, media and locals.

      I do feel for the activist that got shot. But if you attack Police vehicles as part of a mob how else do you expect the Police to react. My worry is tht he will become a martyr to thier cause.

      NATO helmets all round please

      Si vis pacem, para bellum


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        IMHO I think that having the summit in a built up area was very bad planning. Obviously, they were expecting serious public order problems.I'm led to believe that
        Scream if you wanna go faster


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          The anti-globalization crowd said they made friends in Seatle and carried on from there. I think it interesting that the anarchist when interviewed are for the most part anti-capitalist communist. They don't keep the communist part a secret as many had red flags with the Soviet hammer and sickle.
          If they really had a clue they would understand that free trade is the best thing for the third world countries. Capitalism is the best thing for the environment. Capitalism is also the best hope for the finding a cure for AIDS. Communism meanwhile has destroyed many countries, has the worst record in the history of the planet on environment and have no incentive for finding a cure for AIDS.
          I think the Italian cops are doing a fine job and acting appropriately.


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            My heart goes out to the family and friends of the protester who was killed but he got what he deserved. What's he thinking throwing a potentially explosive metal canister at a car full of policeman who are surrounding by people breaking their windows out. I'd like to hear from non-cops whether you think the deadly force in that situation was justified. If you aren't familier with the situation check out news. They have photographs of the entire incident.
            If you see me running try to keep up!


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              Well as a non-LEO I feel that this guy was completely justified in shooting the attacker. I think we need to be clear here, they were rioters, not protesters.

              I have no problem with the legitimate, peaceful protesters as I happen to believe in a lot of what they say, Anti-globalism etc. When they get nasty, however, they deserve everything they get. Obviously its a shame that the man was killed but the LEO in that landrover was in fear of his life and responded appropriately. Lets not beat about the bush here, those rioters were trying to kill the officers inside that vechicle.

              The G8 summits would never need to have such a large security budget if these violent morons just stayed home. I personally believe that the G8 leaders are clapping their hands with glee at this violence...Tell me just how many articles you have seen in the press about the legitimate protests and their causes. I think you will have seen zero. The violent ones have completely destroyed any message that the other tens of thousands of peaceful protesters were trying to get across.


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                30,000 against 35,000. One side armed with sticks and stones and bottles, the other side armed with assault weapons, bodyarmor and shields. That is not a protest, or even a riot. That is a war. The meeting place is fenced in and heavily guarded, like a fortress, against the very people they are supposed to be representing.

                Was the individual officer justified in the shooting? Who knows? Who was there and was an eyewitness? Will that activist be a martyr? Probably. But there is a much bigger problem, or there wouldn't be any of this going on in the first place. We are so insulated and isolated in America it is pathetic. Most of us sit our fat butts on our soft couches and shake our heads at the pictures fed to us on the TV, without understanding what it's all about.

                Why is it happening? Why are 30,000 people revolting? Do you even care? BTW, it would not be wise for police or military forces to don blue helmets in the US. Many have already stated that would be seen as an invading force, no matter who wears them, and a direct threat to the soveriegnty of the US.


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                  Originally posted by mac90:
                  Why do you say he was an anarchist?
                  While I have yet to find a news organization that was willing to identify the shooting victim as an anarchist, a couple of things that I've read would make me think he was.

                  At least one online newspaper (the Seattle Post-Intelligencer) quotes a source from within the Italian Carbinieri (sorry if I misspelled it) saying that the shooting victim had an extensive criminal record.

                  Another online news agency (I believe it's the BBC) mentioned that the anarchists were all wearing dark blue masks or helmets, and dark blue jackets/sweatshirts, to make them harder to identify individually. The shooting victim was wearing both of these.

                  No doubt he's going to be made out to be a martyr for the protestors' cause.


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                    With that sort of budget, a purpose built faclity could be built somewhere very remote, an African dessert or the Artic.
                    Something like Superman's Fortress of Solitude!

                    I feel sorry for the officer who shot dead the protestor. He has now been charged with murder. I cannot see how this charge would stick. He was in fear of his life.
                    "Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open." Sir James Dewar 1842-1923


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                      These protestors have no clue. Capitalism makes the world go 'round. If any of them ever worked for anything, rather than having everything handed to them, they would see the light. Money talks, B******t walks...
                      Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

                      I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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                        Dunno much exactly about the situation BUT as a rookie officer i guess i do the same thing. I dunno how i am going to react without living the situation and the moment. I guess we are all in the same side here. and if this is WAR then its WAR. The protester/riot/anarchist whatever you say wanna throw highly explosive thing inside the police vehicle. Of course its not good ppl shot and dead but i guess the protester who want to throw the highly expolsive thing to ARMED FORCES will ability to take the DEATH POSSIBILITY. He takes the advantages and risks and shot by the police.The question is: What will happen if the anarchist/protester is not shot and the thing explodes in the police vehicle and officers die??? What we will talk here when the officers dead???
                        "A good cop stays a rookie at heart, excited by every shift."
                        Stay Safe, @NeoCop


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                          I still can't believe they are considering charging this rookie with manslaughter. From the pics I saw, the jeep was blocked in and being assaulted with planks/bars on all sides. If they didn't get out they could have been seriously injured.

                          I suppose they could have just backed up and run the guy over which may or may not have killed him. But I mean if you're stupid enough to run at a police vehicle, in the middle of a riot, with a large metal object raised over your head, while an officer clearly points a gun at you ....ain't got much sympathy for you.

                          Hope the copper recovers from the trauma he's been through. People forget the difficulty this 20 year old kid will be going through the rest of his life knowing he took another person's life.


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                            Originally posted by NeoCop:
                            .The question is: What will happen if the anarchist/protester is not shot and the thing explodes in the police vehicle and officers die??? What we will talk here when the officers dead???[/QB]

                            O'siyo NeoCop,

                            I have read your post here and thought about it a bit: My first attempt to reply I had to delete, as it just sounded so warm and fuzzy, because I keep trying to frame my comments on this BB to reflect the current year of 2001.

                            But I think instead I will reply as I would have when I was working in the US Army MPs. And that won't set well, I think, with the public.

                            NeoCop, if that officer had not reacted as he had to defend himself and his partners one or more officers would today be dead. The man who tried to brain him came to the scene with that intention, therefore that man is at fault.

                            The officer did not come to the scene with the intention of killing the man. If the officer had hesitated, he would have failed in his duty. Yes, in such a situation, only one's training can save you (and partners too).

                            I was not on the scene, but I have 21 years of duty behind me, taking part in riots in Stuttgart, GY; Fort Hood, TX; Seoul, I think I can say when your in such a votile situation, in a massive faceless crowd, the officers do what they must to survive. Because the people in that riot are there to hurt you, its their goal. It's you or them.

                            When the people stop, you stop. I understand if an officer feels overwhelmed. Thats human, but if he quits he fails. And if the officer fails, the city is open to any violence.

                            If that protester had succeded in killing the officers, he would be a hero.

                            Liberals in America would be overjoyed.

                            But I would expect every officer in that city and elsewhere to get up and go back to work the day of the funeral. If you quit you fail.

                            My concept of law enforcement is outdated. But it is what I believe and I have taught. Its not popular nowadays.

                            Jim Burnes


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                              It is not uncommon for radical elemnets to enter an otherwise peacful demonstration and incite it to riot. I dont beileve that the people protesting the G8 summit were their for evil intent. You can just about bet that they just wanted to have their say and go home at night.
                              Some demomstrations are just that...
                              others turn into ugly riots.Sometimes induced by others with a different agenda, sometimes not.
                              That being said, it my personal opinion that anybody that charges an armed man with the attempt to cause injury ought to be shot on the spot. Of course, it shold be investigated and checked out ,just as any other shooting would.

                              If the cop is charged with a crime for protecting himself, how in the world is he suppose to do his job when the next riot comes up ? If the public gets the idea that it can get away with anything in the next riot,it will make an already dangerous job nearly impossible to perform adequately.
                              "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

                              Norman Thomas


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