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    Interesting thing happened on the way to work today. I work well outside the city, and drive a nice three lane road, light traffic with a 65mph speed limit. Hardly ever any police out there, so average speed is between 70 and 80mph. Normally. Ok, so this morning I'm traveling in a group of cars doing about 75, when we come to a traffic light and have to stop. Just before the light turned green, a deputy turned right and got in front of the pack, about 8 cars in all.

    Now, light turns green and everybody takes off, but slowly. The deputy is slowly getting up to speed, and no one is willing to pass him. He finally gets up to 60mph, but still no one passes. Within about a mile, all 8 cars have fallen in single file behind the deputy, and more have joined. The deputy moves to the center lane, but none follow him. Don't want to be obvious, you know, but still none pass.

    Soon the deputy starts slowing down to 55. The pack, still in single file, slows to 55 and stays behind the deputy. Eventually he is doing 40 in a 65 zone, with a single file line of cars unwilling to pass him up, probably 15 cars at this point. Well, he finally got back to the right and turned off. Once he was out of site it was back to the races.

    What in the world is a cop thinking when something like this is going on? It has to be obvious, and it happens all the time around here.

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    Maybe it was me road testing a police car! I used to do that, but in reality, I was road testing the vehicle. I geuss I may have driven too slow a couple times on purpose, but mostly none of the sheeple would pass me.


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      Excaliber,I also see tons of people do this in the city i live in.
      I was wondering what you officers think about people doing this? Are you waiting to see has the biggest cahonies to pass you or do you think its a big laugh when people do this?

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      "To each his own"


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        If it were me, I would have passed him. You said the speed limit is 65 and he kept slowing down??? Screw everyone else. If I'm doing the speed limit (I know better now, hush, don't say a word), why worry?


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          Try this:

          Leaving Houston, Northbound on I45, speed limit 70. I'm driving 70 (certified speedo) in a slicktop marked unit. On the back, all it says is "SHERIFF" and "911" in gold on a dark blue stripe on a white car.

          I'm in the right lane, minding my own business and look into the mirror to see about a two-mile long line of traffic backed up behind me. (almost bumper-to-bumper).

          Finally, after about 35 miles, someone got the nerve up to ease over into the left lane. He pulled up to where he could the name of the county on the side of the car, and eased by me. The others slowly followed suit.

          It took over half an hour and 35-40 miles before someone finally figured it out: I was nearly 500 miles from my jurisdiction.

          I guess I should have set the cruise control at 67 intead.

          BTW, I was the only one in the car. I had dropped my prisoner off at the State Pen earlier.

          Moral of the story? If you are sure of your speedometer, and the conditions are good, do the speed limit, and you'll probably get waved at!
          Optimistic pessimist: Hope for the best, but expect the worst.


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            A classic case of "black-and-white-itis." I get a kick out of seeing those with a guilty conscience.
            Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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              Happened to me the other afternoon on the freeway and I passed the sucker up. I kept my speed steady and at the speed limit and no problem. I don't particularly like to play games with people when I am driving and that includes this type of situation.


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                We typically call that "Cruiser Shock" here.


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                  Lol! JKT. Houston, The city of changing lanes then fliping the blinker on. Just gotta love the concept.
                  "To each his own"


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                    We call it "copitis" here. For one, it makes officers mad especially if they get blocked in the group (cars in front slowing) and can't get around. Personally, i'd rather have a car pass me then pace me.

                    The only thing evil needs to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.


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                      Some great replies. Cruiser-shock, I like that one the best I think. Yeah, it is a game most of the time we do it, but it only works with 5 or more cars. Less than that and chances of getting stopped for supicious behavior are to high.

                      RPD, and you thought only the police practiced rolling road blocks. At least we have you contained in a known location. And believe me, we citizens do know what we are doing. We have plenty of practice working together with all the construction around my city.


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                        I haven't seen this possible scenario yet...he's looking for something or someone and is trying not to get up to speed in case he has to turn around. I get that all the time. What's worse is when someone hangs out in my blindside and drives along not wanting to fall behind or pass. Now, if my subject pops up or if I have to make an evasive maneuver, you've got 7,000 pounds of metal trying to fit in one piece of real estate.

                        The simple answer...if you're going the speed limit and in an area you can pass in...PASS! Don't wait for the first guy to make a move.


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                          You haven't ever been the poor sap that gets ahead, just to see the lights come on. Nor the poor guy being paced late at night by a cop, in your blind spot, or followed for miles and pulled over because you didn't signal exactly 100 ft. before turning. Or because your license plate light is out, which, when you inspect it with the officer present, is working just danady. Or being pulled over by the same two cops on the way to work 3 days out of every work week for two months straight (finally moved, almost lost my job).

                          A cop in my rearview mirror is seen as a danger, not a comfort. I would rather keep an eye on you than the other way around. Before you suggest it, no, I don't carry anything illegal nor do anything illegal. That doesn't help half the time. 50/50 chance. Not good odds.


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                            Originally posted by Excalibur:
                            ....or followed for miles and pulled over because you didn't signal exactly 100 ft. before turning.
                            For some reason, I rarely have see a police car in which the turn signals were ever in use.


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                              In most cities, the police are "exempt" from alot of the street laws (while on duty), then it is left up to the officer's discretion.

                              Don't know why you're always being stopped, but i've passed officers lots of times and have never been pulled over once. It's probably just the way that you present yourself while driving. I'm not talking about the way you dress or the way you look, but by the way you act around the police.

                              Also, for the license plate light, it can be working and still be pulled over for it. I believe the plate has to be visible from a certain distance behind for it to be "valid."

                              The only thing evil needs to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.


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