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Cincinnati gets what it asked for


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    Nice post Bake, but did you have to bring the 'R' word into this? People can't be expected to be responsible for what they do any more. What's wrong with you?

    Seriously, you all wait, in my opinion this crime increase is gonna be laid right back at the police departments feet.

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      Bake, well said sir...or ma'am

      P.S. Can anyone loosen these political handcuffs? My hands are going numb.

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        Well, Cincinnati is about 47% black, but in the communities where the shooting occur, it is over 90% black. Yet, whenever anyone in these areas is pulled over, or arrested, they cry racism. I would think that if a white person were stopped in this area, that would be more considered racism than the trend now.
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          Its a bad situation when the communities are taking the brunt of all the bad apples. Its even worse when the officers cannot do thier job because of the stigmatism of being labeled a racist. I sincerely hope cinncinati gets it together before the decent folks(actual law abiding citizens) end up getting the worst end of the deal.

          Its also a shame that almost all the african american people have to be ashamed for the bad people in their race. Now when an officer arrests them, he/she will always have the "will i be labeled a racist" in the back of thier mind. I'm sure its enough to make them wonder if the jobs worth it,
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            Personally speaking, it has never bothered me when someone makes a baseless statement calling me a racist because I have done my job, but then again I have never had a "community leader" call me a racist on the nightly news either. What truly worries me is when department brass, and worse yet the courts, fall in with that line of thinking.

            If the cops on the street saw support from their bosses and citizens as a whole we would not be seeing this trend going on. Cops would be working, citizens would feel safer and all the crying from "community leaders" would fall on deaf ears. Unfortunatly I dont see anything like that happening in the near future.


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