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Cincinnati gets what it asked for


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  • Cincinnati gets what it asked for

    Crime Wave Follows Cincinnati Riots
    NewsMax.com Wires
    Friday, July 20, 2001
    CINCINNATI - The head of a police union says Cincinnati has been losing the war against crime since rioting erupted in April.
    At least 77 people have been shot since the Ohio city was rocked by three days of racially inflamed violence three months ago. That compares to 11 shooting victims in nine incidents in the same three month last year.

    "We are losing control of our streets," Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police President Keith Fangman told the Washington Times.

    Anti-police Sentiment Hurts Black Neighborhoods

    Fangman said officers had retreated from black neighborhoods because of fears of charges of racism, lack of political support and low morale. Arrests in black areas have dropped 50 percent and traffic stops 60 percent since mid-April.

    "The aftermath of the riots has actually been more harmful to the city than the riots themselves," Fangman told the New York Times.

    However, prosecutors said they were backing officers to the full extent of the law.

    Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen on Wednesday rejected calls for amnesty for rioters and curfew violators by groups such as Cincinnati Black United Front and religious organizations.

    "When pigs fly," he said. "It ain't gonna happen."

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    "We are losing control of our streets," Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police President Keith Fangman told the Washington Times.

    Now that's something to let the public know! Makes me just want to move to Cinncinati
    "To each his own"


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      Black leaders have been leading their followers down the primrose path to destruction. Before the riots the cops were trying to do their jobs and the liberal leaders were trying to appease the citizens and not backing the cops. I saw a training film about the lady cop who a homeless fellow bashed in the head with a boom box and shot her four times. Fortunately she was able to return fire and kill him.
      Now arrest in the black areas are down by over half and violent crime is up by almost that much.
      I hope the blacks are happy with what their leaders have brought them. I don't blame the cops a bit.


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        I agree RT. These so called leaders are destroying cities and relations across America and the black citizens are following them right over the edge of the cliff. The funny thing is, those are the people that are the real racists,NOT THE COPS. I'm not sure what it is about balck communites that makes them riot. If I was ****ed at someone, I wouldn't go burn down or destroy my neighborhood. I'm not sure what they are thinking, but it has happened a lot throughout history. AND WHATEVER YOU DO-MAKE SURE YOU EASE UP ON THEM SO THEY DON'T THINK THEY ARE BEING HARASSED BY POLICE.
        Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations!


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          What's unfortunate is that blacks will blame everyone but themselves for their actions.

          Today at work I had to throw a guy (black) out of the building for threatening an employee. If you can believe it, the employee (also black) actually got mad at me for throwing the guy out, claiming that I did it just because he was black. She stated that he "surely wasn't a risk to her or anyone else," yet she didn't even know the guy's last name!! The story is that this employee is the foster mother of the guy's daughter, and he came to "get his daughter back." How he found out her name or where she works is beyond me, but it is even more disconcerting to see that this woman makes ME into the bad guy and not him, taking up for someone who is potentially violent because they are of the same race. I guess she seems oblivious to the fact that he could return tomorrow with a gun, but if he did I'm sure she would find a way to blame me for it.

          That's just one practical application of the problem with some minorities. They view themselves as wrongfully persecuted by anyone in positions of authority. It's just too bad that they can't take responsibility for their own actions. The last time I was on a ride-along, a shoplifing suspect was complaining about 'being arrested because he was black.' Forget the fact that he was seen on camera wheeling a $300 bike out of WalMart...being black was his only crime


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            I had a recent case where we had the kid dead to rights and charged him. The parents were "one thousand and fifty percent" sure he did not do it. They were sure whitey did it. I guess it is comforting having someone to blame for all your problems and not having to take responsibility for everything you do. I think we all could use a whitey to blame.


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              I wonder how many people realize what the situation in cincinatti is really telling us, if they could only hear it? That the police really DO do something besides sit around all day drinking coffee and giving out speeding tickets.


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                I live outside Cincinnati (not IN Cincinnati, I could not stand it) and I totally agree with Mac90. A community that makes enemies of their police had better learn to embrace their criminals.

                I'm not sure what they are thinking, but it has happened a lot throughout history
                I know what they are thinking.. They are thinking they can get a free pair of Nikes. The stores that were mostly broken into were stores like Brendamours and sporting stores.
                No partner is worth your tears -
                the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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                  Oh, another funny thing.. FOP President Keith Fangman stated at the beginning of the riots that he was concerned about black on black crime more so than police brutality or fatality shootings. He cited stats of black on black crimes and said that Cincinnati needs to address that issue as well.

                  Black leaders poo-poo'ed it saying he was just trying to divert the attention from police crimes.

                  Heh.. wonder how that egg tastes..
                  No partner is worth your tears -
                  the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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                    Forgive me for having two thoughts in the same day, but I wonder how much other crime is up in Cincinatti as well, such as:

                    Armed robbery
                    Drug related crime
                    Survived shootings
                    Car theft
                    Car jackings
                    Jay walking


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                      I saw a report on TV that said the cops in Cincinatti basically shut down as a result of the unwarranted criticisms from the community. They admit that they are no longer "out on the prowl" looking to get into something. Can you blame them?
                      They are all in self-preservation mode. Looks like the "civil-Rights leaders" got what they wanted...lax Police presence. Now let's see how they deal with the aftermath.
                      "The streets of Philadelphia are safe...it's the people that make them unsafe"---Frank Rizzo


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                        Be ready. The politicians and so called leaders will still lay it off on the police. Head this off someway.


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                          From a classic old bumper sticker,

                          "Don't like cops? Then next time you are in trouble, call a hippie!"

                          I have no sympathy. As I have stated before, I know that the makority of many high crime areas support the police. However, when they fail to stand up and be counted, and allow so-called "leaders" to run rough shod over those that protect them while also ignoring the problems from within these areas themselves; well, then they have few to blame other than themselves.


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                            It's a sad day in our profession when we are restricted in doing our job.

                            The really sad part is that the trend is sweeping the nation in the number of complaints files by person claiming "rasicm".

                            Our department has had it's share of incidents where a person of the opposite race claims "racial profiling" or "police brutatlity".

                            It makes it hard for our department when the city is 52% black, 45% white, and 3% other. We tend to get quite a few complaints on us considering our agency is comprised of about 80% of white officers.
                            Attitude is a reflection of leadership.


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                              I've just got to put my .02 in on this topic.
                              Since this is a public forum I will address those non-law enforcement folks reading these posts as follows: while the comments of police officers may at times seem harsh, know this, the loyal men and women who take a beat (and sometimes beating) every day do not wish to be labled as racist or any other politically motivated buzz word going around. We (cops) in general dispise the VERY FEW bad apples in our midst. Remmeber, we are people just like everyone else and while most of us take our profession very seriously and constantly strive to be a positive role model for our communites, there are abberances in police behavior. Having said that and beginning to drag on as is my usual fashion I will say this, to the black "leader" in cincinatti and the liberal politician leading our great conuntry into the toilet, in your haste to achieve notariety and publishing rights, don't forget that you might just succeed in beating us down. And since our government has taken the stance that blacks, latinos, and everyone who whines should be rewarded with the heads of any low-level whites it can offer to the media, it occurs to me that we have slipped into a role of giving the child whatever it wants to stop the whining, even if it is the shiny blade of a kitchen knife- where's the responsibility. If you will lead, then lead, but as any true leader you must be accountable for the actions of your subordinates as well as your own.
                              Just my opinion


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