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    I'm on an infidelity board (Because of my slutty exDIL, I needed support). A woman just came on the baord so upset, it's taken me half the morning to understand what happened.
    And this is what happened. She has been in a relationship with a LEO for twelve years and they just became engaged. They have a 3 year old daughter. Her "fiance" supposedly "traveled" and was gone 3 days a week.
    Now, I'm not saying this woman was smart because I would have caught all the clues. But, she went to the bank ot get the address of where he stayed when he was out off town so she and her daughter could send him a birthdy card.
    Well, she gets this call from his enraged WIFE and mother of his SIX children!
    Now, before some of you men say she deserved it because she should have figured it out, remember she was in love and love clouds commom sense. There have probably beeen clues all over the place and I know I would not have had to go somewhere else to get his "out of town" address. I would not only have had the address, I would have seen his place with my own eyes. But she did not do this...for 12 years.
    She has thrown all his stuff out. She went to a friends house and he had to be taken out by two other LEOS when he wouldn't leave because he said "he could explain all this" sheeesshhhhhh
    I know he has been suspended but can he be fired? I sure hope he gets some psychological help. Two women and 7 kids have had their lives leveled by this.
    And please understand this....I can't handle any jokes about infidelity. I watched my son go through it and the pain it and his divorce caused him broke my heart.

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    A sad situation.
    Probably nothing from his agency, but who knows.

    Both need counseling, especially any man that would want to have two wives. [Eek!]

    [ 10-15-2002, 03:12 PM: Message edited by: 10mmMike ]


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      They wont fire anyone with us, but if there is enough stink raised you can almost guarantee a transfer.......
      Be Good or Be Good At....


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        I SAW THAT, 10MMIKE! lol You are as bad as Mike himself. lol And let me tell you, I sometimes why I have ONE husband! lol
        Really, this is such a sad situation. I read stuff on that board that men and women do to those that love them that brings tears to my eyes.
        My son has gone on with his life. They had no children so a complete break was possible. But to see his face when he came home from having caught them together.....There are just no words to express how heartbreaking it was.
        And to think this man thinks he can "explain" to this woman why he never told her he had wife and six kids....There just isn't understanding that. I know what he will say. He will say he never loved his real life but didn't leave because of the 6 kids.
        Infidelity tears lives up so bad. I wish anyone that ever even considers it would really put some thought into it before they do it. The usual excuse is, "My husband or my wife is abusive, or they drink or....or...or..." But I always tell them, if you were so damn unhappy in a relationship, you felt you had to do this, you should have gotten out of it first. I've even heard, "But I love BOTH of them and I felt what my wife or husband didn't know couldn't hurt them." The excuses they give are unbelievable. My own ex-DIL, who I loved like a daughter, actually thought people would buy her excuse of, "I gave him a chance to make me love him and he didn't." I asked her if she knew how ridiculous that sounded? I mean, he auditioned and didn't pass? I was the Mother-in-law from heaven but I am the Ex-Mother-in-law from hell. She stays away from me at all costs.


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          It's none of his department's business who he's doing. He'll sink his personal ship on his own, which he seems to be doing quite well.
          Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

          I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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