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Crest White Strips and other whitening systems.


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  • Crest White Strips and other whitening systems.

    My wife and I are currently in a teeth whitening competition.
    We are both using the Crest White Strips to start with.
    I am wondering if anyone out there has used this product or any other to whiten their teeth and what the resuluts were.

    You don't have to have all your teeth to answer.

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    Hi 10MM-

    I heard that Crest white strips are the next best thing to getting your teeth professionally whitened at the dentist. My dental hygienist actually told me that, so I think you've made the right choice. Can you post a picture of your shiny white teeth so we can see? [Wink]
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      Thanks for the info. I will take some pictures in the end.
      I have heard good things about the Crest stuff also, so I will let ya know.

      Now if they only had "Jenny Craig Fat Loss Strips".


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        I'm glad you started this thread. i've been thinking about trying them too...i think now i will. i've heard good things too.

        and PS. they do have an infomercial for a "patch" for weight loss! dont know if it works tho
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          I had my teeth professionally whitened back in 1999 and had great results. I had a mold of my teeth taken and every 4-5 months I put the gel stuff in there and touch them up myself. I've heard good things about the Crest strips, though. Good luck with them!


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            I heard from a friend who used the Crest strips that it made her teeth VERY sensitive, almost to the point that they hurt.

            I bought that cybersonic electric brush, which by the way is great, and it came with this whitening gel. The gel is great and after using it twice, I saw a big difference, with NO pain.

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              I have very sensitive teeth and yes, you are right, some products can absolutely hurt your teeth. I use sensodyne and it works great! The enamel is wearing off one of my bottom molars and when I brushed my teeth, it hurt really bad. Sensodyne worked wonders.

              If anyone is whitening their teeth and it hurts, switch toothpastes until you're done whitening and see if it helps.
              "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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                I tried the Crest whitening strips once. It hurt my teeth too badly to continue.

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