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murder rates


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  • murder rates

    I have a question, the murder rates are higher in the US than any other country.. I think anyway. What do you think makes the US much more prone to kill each other? What does the other countries do that we aren't or vice versa. I tried doing a search for some statistics, but couldn't find anything worthwhile. Any ideas?
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    Homicide Rate reported by police per 100,000 population

    US- 7.9

    Australia- 3.4

    Canada- 2.7

    England and Wales- 1.1

    France- 2.3

    Netherlands- 1.2

    Sweden- 1.4

    Switzerlaned- 1.1

    West Germany- 1.5

    At least thats what my CJ book says. These figures are from 1988 I beleive, so they may not mean diddly now.
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      This is just my take on it, it may have no bearing on reality. [Wink]

      Ease of access to firearms is one factor.
      In countries with limited access to firearms, weapons that are not as effective in killing are used to assault others.
      You are less likely to kill someone with one smack from a bat than you are one shot from a firearm.
      So they have a lower death rate.

      The true numbers would be the assault rate, not noting the weapon used. I bet they would be comparible throughout most western nations.


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        Social conditioning is a big factor. In America, we have a history of 'taking things into our own hands' and settling them. If every gun in America were to disappear over night, it's my honest belief the murder rate in America would STILL lead the world.

        Oh, yeah...liberal, panty wadding, pansy lawyers, judges and politicians who would rather CODDLE murderers tnan EXECUTE them are to blame, too!
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          I couldn't find any assualt stats. I do have more stats for the above mentioned countires.

          America leads in homicides and robbery while the Netherlands, Sweden, West Germany, England/Wales, Canada and Australia all have higher rates for burglary than the US.

          Australia, England/Wales, France and Sweden also have higher rates of Auto Theft.

          I really sould quit typing right now and get this term paper finished.
          There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.

          Steven Wright


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            So, if you think it has to do with the punishment that they may or may not get, does anyone know of the punishment that other countries do for murder? I can't find anything on my search engine for some reason... [email protected] computer.

            I to think that punishment offers a large part. For example, I once saw an inmate in on murder charges (that was found guilty in trial) receive only a 3 year sentence SUSPENDED! In essence, the courts put a murderer back into society. And I don't really remember the circumstances behind the murder, but I do remember that they were'nt protection, etc. I think it was something to do with a drug deal gone bad or something.
            I do say that there are certain situations where a murder can occur that the person shouldn't be charged or whatever, like in case of trying to protect yourself.
            there was this one case I remember that a man had been burglarized several times.. mostly late at night while he was asleep, the burglar would sneak in and steal money, etc. (ballsy I know, to keep returning). So, fearing for his life and property, the man set up a gadget that when the door was opened, a shotgun was fixed to shoot toward the door. (you know, a "booby" trap). Anyway, here comes this burglar back one night, opens the door and BAM! Blew his *** into a few pieces. Well, the police charged the homeowner saying that he had premeditated this murder because when he set the trap, he had all intentions of killing the burglar. So, did he do wrong by trying to protect himself? I don't think so, of course, if it had of been me, I would have gotten better locks or something if this burglar kept coming back... but that's a different story. [Wink]
            In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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              Comparing the U.S. with Western European countries and other "forward" nations is fine. But what happens when you bring countries such as those in the Middle East into the comparison? Wouldn't you have to define what is considered murder there? I mean, murder is the illegal taking of life, isn't it? Much of what they do that we call murder, may well be considered political or religious punishment there and therefore, not breaking any laws, and would throw the figures out of whack. I'm guessing that if we could apply our definition of murder to those Middle Eastern countries, their murder rates would be higher than ours. Just a thought...


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                Originally posted by Frogman:
                In the 2002 Morgan Quitno poll of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. my hometown, Youngstown, Ohio, ranks in as the 18th most dangerous city in the U.S.
                #1 of course being Detroit, Michigan for the 2nd yr in a row. Most Dangerous U.S. Cities

                and THAT'S an improvement!!! wasn't Y-town at one time called "little detroit"??? whatever happened to the good old days when the mob actually ran the town? about the only time you heard on anyone getting killed was when they took turns blowing each other's car up.

                no wonder the city can't get anyone to reopen or relocate businesses downtown.
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                  Well its nice to se my town cracked the top 40 (or botom 40)


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                    Drats, we only made the top 60.


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                      Huh, California seems to be rather safe looking, it seems...

                      It probably is society, us brutish Americans are so violent. Though, England is on track to have more violent crimes than us in 2008. Also, I've seen sources that indicate Sweden having a higher murder rate... must be those long, long, long nights.

                      Over all, the violent crime rate in Europe is steadily increasing. Ethnic strive coupled with high unemployment in the younger portions of the population have resulted in problems for Europe. I know that in portions of Paris, the ambulance drivers now refuse to go there without police escort. Our friends who live there also told us to never get out of the car in some areas too... heh. Ooooh, anyone here ever read about the Algerian immigrant who challanged the French Police to a duel?.. Poor guy.

                      [ 10-15-2002, 05:19 PM: Message edited by: n567 ]
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                        Wow, Baltimore's #4 ...


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                          Detroit's #1? Hmmm...I wonder why the media here doesn't lead the nightly news with THAT story.


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                            We just have more people here than those other countries, all trying to do the same thing. That's why.


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                              What are the attempted murder rates like in those other countries?
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