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    I start a new second job tomorrow and am already dreading it. The last thing I want to do again is waitress, so what did I do? I took another waitressing job. Call me mental. The money is too good to pass up. No happy median for me. UGH!

    Maybe if I would stop going to shows, I wouldn't have to work a second job. Godsmack, along with The Deftones, are 11 days away! So psyched to see Sully! Can't wait! Got my tickets for Incubus too. I'll see them in September. Got my tix for them last week.

    I keep reminding myself that this second job is only temporary and that school is almost over (one month left!). After that, I'm hoping no more waitressing jobs. I'm going to really hate leaving my job with the doc I've been with for years though...<sighs>

    Do any of you work a second job, and if yes, what do you do? Do you like it? How long have you worked it? (nosey, aren't I? )

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    My second job is a firefighter. Been doing that for about 10 years. Love every minute of it. Sometimes I want to make it my first job and my cop job 2nd.


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      Well, since I am only part time, I have to have a 2nd job. I work on computers, so its not too bad. I would gladly take a full time LE job, if the pay was the same.


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        I am active duty in the Army and the CEO of Lightfighter Tactical. Both are full-time jobs that compete for my attention -- but in four months I am leaving the employ of Uncle Suagar. At that point, I will only work for myself.
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          I used to be a waiter and I will NEVER work in Food Service again! Ugh! (I tip well though!)

          I've worked security before, and still do every now and then off and on. I absolutely HATE it, but the money is really good sometimes. $13 to $15 an hour to stand around and watch stuff. I absolutely HATE it. It is so mind numbingly BORING, but the money is good, and LE sure ain't making me rich. With a new little one to feed, every penny counts.

          I've been working on some training outlines to do LE training on the side to make a little extra dough. We'll see how that goes.

          I'm also involved in another project that probably won't make a whole lot of money. Surely not anytime in the near future, but if it takes off, it might generate a little compensation for my time.

          I've published articles before, and I'm working on a few more, but it's been hard to find the time lately.


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            What is your major in college Katey?
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            the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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              Its not allowed to have a 2nd job here in my country. But if i have to i would like to be pilot. I like to fly
              "A good cop stays a rookie at heart, excited by every shift."
              Stay Safe, @NeoCop


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                For a long time, I taught during the day and tutored during the evening. It was hard at times but we needed the money. The tutoring pays well.....20$ an hour. I still tutor but have left the classroom for a bit, I may have to go back to pay these mounting medical bills tho.


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                  I have worked countless part time jobs since getting into law enforcement. Some good, some bad, but they all had one thing in common, and that was $15.00 dollars an hour or more. My department wont allow us to work for anything less.

                  The best job was at one of the local gated communities, they paid $25.00 dollars an hour, and most of the time was spent at the club house of the golf course. Talk about hard work.

                  The worst part time job was at a Winn-Dixie, they paid $15.00 dollars an hour for security and they wanted us to sit in front of the cash office all the time. They didnt even want us catching shoplifters

                  In college the best job I ever had was tending bar, I didnt know a thing about making mixed drinks but I could really poor some Budweiser. The best thing about that job was the tips and the women.

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                    I'm in the National Guard and also work a part time job at a small town PD. It works out to around 70 hours per week between the three jobs.


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                      My part time job is as a weekend funeral director. It pays really well and I can say yay or nay if I want to work a weekend or not. It is also nice being able to do it on a part time/per diem basis so that the emotions don't run too high. Dealing with death day in and day out can get very rough both physically and emotionally.

                      My hat is off to you Katey...more power to you girlfriend.


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                        Hey Katey! i'm going to Incubus too!!! are you going to the friday or saturday show? i'm going saturday. and where are you seeing Godsmack...i love them!

                        as for second jobs, i always worked one until i got my job with the USPS. i sold newspapers by phone for a while, i was an operator at an insurance company where we did quotes on-line for people, and i worked at Strawbridges as a sales clerk, at different times with my full-time job. i always hated working two jobs and i'm very grateful i dont have too now.

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                        "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                          I was up almost all of Friday night debating about the job. I have made myself so sick over it, I decided not to do it. I hate waitressing and I really don't want to do it again.

                          I called the restaurant very early Saturday morning and thanked them for offering the job to me and for offering me the opportunity to work with them, but unfortunately I couldn't accept. I apoligized and felt a huge relief after I hung up the phone.

                          Jellybean, going to the Saturday night show for Incubus too!! We'll have to meet up there. It'll be a blast.

                          As for Godsmack, I'm seeing them in Camden at the Tweeter Centre. I love them almost as much as I love Pearl Jam. I am definitely looking forward to this show.

                          Raychel, the school I'm going to is a tech school. I'll come out with a diploma in COMA (Computerized Office Medical Assistant). I took the course for 3 reasons: Medical Transcription (hoping to be certified in due time) Medical Billing, and Medical Insurance. Wanted to go where the money was, and in a field that I know is not going to go away in the near future. I will evenutally take a course on coding, but that's at least a year away.


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                            Back in my younger days with kids to raise I worked anything & everything. I was a gymnastics instructor for Parks & Rec, worked construction, cleaned out a chicken house (nasty work), substitute teacher for Kindergarten to high school, sold photography discount coupons, bounty hunter, but mostly whatever PD security officer off-duty work was available. Nowadays, the second job is our band, but it doesn't pay.

                            Never heard of those groups you mentioned. Probably better off having not.


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