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The Levy Case


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  • The Levy Case

    I was surprised to see this case not really discussed here. I just wondered if anyone else thought maybe the DC police had their priorities a bit out of whack since there hasn't even been a crime. Or has there? There's nothing to say she just didn't leave on her own. Also, I thought it was amazing they released pictures of what she could like if she purposely altered her own appearance. It's not illegal to want to be missing is it?

    They'll probably find her under bad circumstances but I hope not.

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    By: John LeBoutillier

    Editor's note: The following article appeared Friday, July 13, 2001 on After being a headliner for most of the day, the article was mysteriously pulled without explanation. For the benefit of our readers who have inquired on this matter, here is the article in its entirety.

    Yesterday I spoke to "RJ” – an inside-the-Beltway source who, over the years, has never steered me wrong. RJ said, "John, do you know the true story of Gary Condit?”
    RJ continued then proceeeded to outline a scenario for what happened in this case:"Condit has been known inside the gay community here in DC for being a big, big user of gay male prostitutes – especially blacks from the Caribbean who ride motorcycles and love to wear black leather.

    "Condit lives in Adams Morgan – a terrible commute to and from the Hill – and it is a notorious neighborhood for gays and bisexuals.

    "Now, here is the dirty little secret behind the disappearance of Chandra Levy: Condit goes both ways. He likes to get sodomized by male prostitutes before having sex with women. The gay sex turns him on and he can then "perform” with women.

    "Condit had one particular Caribbean male prostitute that he frequented. When it was determined that Chandra had to go, this guy was given the assignment. He picked her up on his motorcycle, took off some where, killed her, and dumped her body. Then, on orders from Condit and with money from Condit, he headed back to Haiti or wherever he came from – far, far away from investigators and the Feds.”

    The media has heard all of this - but has yet to report it. The other night, both Michael Issikoff of Newsweek and Tom Squitieri of USA TODAY referred to "dark aspects of this story that we can’t report yet.”

    Other media players are aware of all of this – and more: apparently Condit liked three-ways and even four-ways with himself, the male gay prostitute and two women.

    Some of his girlfriends obviously knew of this over the years; some participated in the three-way sex. This explains his absolute paranoia over any of the girls ever talking about their relationships with him. And it explains the fear we are now hearing about from not just the flight attendant, Anne Marie Smith, but others, too.

    This also explains why Abbe Lowell only wants one or two questions asked on the lie detector, such as, "Do you know what happened to Chandra?” Condit probably does not know - on purpose - what the gay male prostitute did with her – so he might very well successfully pass that question on a lie detector test.

    No wonder Lowell doesn’t want wide-ranging questions. All of this horrible mess would soon be revealed and confirmed.

    As for Chandra leaving her apartment with only her keys? As RJ put it, "Perhaps the only time a woman would leave her purse behind would be to ride on the back of a motorcycle.”

    Now, the big questions are these:

    1) Is the FBI honestly investigating this absolutely perverted behavior and this scenario?

    2) Do the Feds have the guts to pursue such a sick scenario?

    3) Does the media – many of who already know much of this – report it – and expose this sick bisexual and gay behavior? Recently the Mainstream Media loves to portray gay victims of violent crime but often ignores gay perpetrators of violent crime. Will the media put aside their Politically Correct view of bi-sexualism and prostitution and tell the truth here?

    4) Will the Feds track down this gay male black prostitute – or multiple gay prostitutes – who have had dealings with Condit?

    If RJ’s scenario if accurate then poor Chandra – and other Condit girlfriends – have fallen into the sickest group of perverts imaginable.

    No wonder Condit, representing a conservative district, went bananas every time one of his girlfriends talked.

    Buckle your seatbelts: things are going to explode soon.

    John LeBoutillier is a former U.S. Congressman and a nationally recognized political commentator. He has been a frequent guest on many national talk show programs, including the Today show, ABC's 20/20, Nightline and CNN's Crossfire.


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      Viking, is this good enough to start with?


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        Intuition tells me she is dead. I can't see her just voluntarily disappearing because she was stupid enough to have an affair with a married man. It is possible, of course, especially if he dumped her. Pride and ego can be strong emotions.


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          Sorry, I just fail to see what being gay or bisexual has to do with the case. Why would the FBI investigate "perverted behavior"?

          I can see following up on all of this if it conects to the crime and may help figure out what happened...but the author of the article that mac90 posted seems more interested in investigating the sex than anything else.

          I guess I am missing something again.
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            GG I didn't see any connection either, but it was being discussed on the radio that Levy may have been going to tell everyone that he indulged in such things and the speculation went that he may have done something to her for that reason. To keep her quiet about his habits.


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              No man would be worth enough to make me leave my family and friends wondering about my well being. I also believe she is dead and I believe that the congressman played a role in that.
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                My thoughts:

                1. I seriously doubt she's still alive.

                2. I can see why the articles about the Congressman's alleged gay lifestyle would have been pulled. Even the National Enquirer wouldn't print stuff like that!

                3. While I agree that the Congressman needed to be questioned by police, IMHO the Levy family, and the media, have focused far too much attention on him, simply because of who he is.

                Of all the female victims of kidnap and/or murder, how many of those were having affairs with the rich and/or powerful? Has it occurred to anybody that maybe the suspect in her disappearance is some unknown low-life?


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                  I has occured to me that she just met with foul play. It also occured to me that she's pregnant and went off somewhere to be aborted.

                  I read a report today that said the airline attendant Condit asked to keep quiet about his other women has been interviewed by the FBI for two solid days. According to her there is a sex scandal that in her words will blow this wide open. I hope shes alive(Levy) but I doubt it.


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                    I did post something about this several weeks ago. I am surprised it hasn't been talked about more here. Mac, that is the first I had read about this gay stuff, that is pretty weird to say the least.
                    At first after she disapeared I thought she must have been abducted by some pervert or something. I also thought it was bad luck Condit having an affair with someone who gets killed.
                    Now I think it looks more and more like Condit is hiding something more than just an affair.
                    A few strange things I have heard are, she left her cell phone behind and I.D. She only had the cell phone for Condit to contact her and he gave her orders to never carry her I.D. with her when she was with him. No signs of struggle so I think it looks like she was leaving with him. I know the stewardess he was having a fling with said he was in big trouble and might have to leave town the day before he was notified Levy was missing.
                    I also heard he has a brother who is a cop and one who is in prison. I don't know if he has a history of abuse.
                    My theory now is that he had kinky sex with her and she died. Then he had the body disposed of.
                    Mac's theory is a possibility but wow would that be a story if it were true.


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                      I also think the congressman had something to do with her disappearing. I Wonder if maybe he just didn't want to be seen as another Clinton. Although i did see the special on AMW and the other girls in the same area that are still missing too.
                      "To each his own"


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                        I think his sexual deviancy could very well be relevant. If he likes to have sex with a male prositute before he has sex with women-while he is married, and he is a US Rep., shows that this guy is wacked and has no marals to begin with. What else is he capable of doing? I think he had her killed. The guy is a scumbag any way you slice it.

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