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I got (very NON seriously) hit and runned!!


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  • I got (very NON seriously) hit and runned!!

    I was on my way home, and the guy in front of me changed lanes and slowed down (35 mph four lane street with a center median), so I moved up to occupy his space. As I'm about 3/4 of the way past him, he begins to change lanes, and lightly taps my rear bumper. No big deal, right? I look in the rearview expecting to see him pulling over, and HE TOOK OFF INTO A NEIGHBORHOOD by turning right (that's apparently what he was doing anyway...I guess a right turn from the LEFT lane THROUGH A CAR is okay by him). I was livid. However, the street was far too busy to do anything boneheaded like backing up, and I'm not dumb enough to endanger people by chasing somebody anyway. So I made my way back to his turnoff through legal means and found what I thought was his car, but since my car was barely scratched, his car didn't have any scratches (very distinctive car, but hey, it could be somebody elses), and he wasn't in or near it, I just wrote down the plate and went home.

    My car wasn't hurt too bad, but it's the principle, ya know? I just wanted him to stop, we'd look at the damage, I'd say, "Hey, the paint is coming off ANYway, so don't sweat it" and we'd call it even. But instead, he runs...I was friends with a guy that accidentally killed a small child in a car wreck, and HE had the morals to stick it out and accept responsibility for his mistake, so why can't this guy apologize for one little scratch?!!

    Oh well, just expecting too much from the world, I guess. Okay, rant over. The other ten zillion drivers now seem so much better behaved
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    I got hit and the guy ran a couple years ago.

    The guy was pulling a long heavy pipe trailer, he went to change lanes and he would have been just fine, IF HE WASN'T PULLING A TRALIER.

    The trailer was even with me and slammed right into the side of my truck. I was forced off the road over a grass island and into a hotel parking lot. It did major damage to the body of my truck but I wasn't to upset, I figured he just forgot he was pulling it.

    But after I saw him keep going and never turn around I got ****ed and flagged down a city officer who was passing by.

    About that time another car pulled up and said he had seen the accident and followed the other guy for about 10mins before he lost him. Thank goodness a fellow citizen was nice enough to help me out, he got the plate and they found the truck and trailer in a metal supply parking lot.

    When they questioned the owner he said a new guy was driving it that day and he didn't know anything about it. They then walked outside and found brown paint all along the side of the trailer. They ended up paying for the damage without any sort of court fight.

    I agree simply pulling over and admitting his mistake would have left me a lot less angry.
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      Originally posted by Xanthorius:
      why can't this guy apologize for one little scratch?!!


      Quite possible he didn't have insurance or a license. At any rate, he's an idiot.

      Glad you're ok.


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