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Most dissappointing Xmas gift?


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  • Most dissappointing Xmas gift?

    No, I'm not talking about the 'worst' gift you've ever received (A fur-line jock strap?! How did you KNOW?). I'm referring to the gift that disappointed you the most.

    In my case, it was back in high school. I'd just discovered skiing and I found out that my friend's father would sell me his old set for $50. So I told my parents that I didn't care if I got nothing else for Xmas, I just wanted those skis.

    Xmas morning came and, sure enough, standing next to the tree were the 10-year-old pair of skis I'd begged for. And right next to them were a brand new pair for my brother.

    I later found out that my parents were planning on buying us both new skis, but I had made such a fuss over the used ones that they thought there must have been something special about them. So they got me the used ones instead.

    In the eternal words of Homer Simpson, "DOH!"
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    My H wanted an aquarium so badly. SO, I bought him one for Christmas. Before I could give it to him, he gave me one. I could not believe that he would give ME a gift HE wanted. So, I excused myself to get his present (before I gave him the second aquarium) and wrapped up a pair of earings as a gift to him. He opened them and looked at me and said, "Touche`". lol Then I gave him the other aquairum I had set up in another room. lol


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      Since I'm feeling crappy today I'm going to share the worst Christmas I had. A couple of years ago the German Shepherd dog I spent my late teenagers years and part of college with had to be put to sleep right before Christmas, she had cancer. Of course my parents tell me this *after* it had been done so I couldn't say goodbye, (protecting me and all that...).

      Needless to say, I didn't celebrate much that Christmas.


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        Was when I was ten years old. I wanted a monopoly game SO badly! so I was so excited when I got it from my mom and dad, then my Godmother came over and gave me a present, guess what it was? A monopoly game... no prob right???? I was like, awww that aint so bad... but then we went to my grandma's house where I got my third and final monopoly game. Man was I ****ed! I remember before going there my dad said, "Chaquita (hows that spelt?), if you get another monopoly game don't say anything about getting two already, that would be rude" then went into a long discussion about gift giving. MAN!!!! did I ever feel Jipped!
        Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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          Summer sausage.

          [ 12-26-2002, 06:57 PM: Message edited by: shooter1201 ]
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            This was a b-day gift. My dad bought me a pair of T-shoes from Thrifty. To top it off he wrapped each one in newspaper seperatley. Oh ya it was my 16th B-day.

            I still give him crap about it.


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              Hey Insane,

              I guess it could be said that you "monopolized" the gifts that year, huh?

              *shaking head, can't believe he actually said that*

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