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The Truth About Lie Detector Tests


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  • The Truth About Lie Detector Tests

    It amazes me how much blind faith America seems to be placing in the Polygraph(lie detector) test, all you have to do is turn on the TV and on the News you will hear a reporter discussing how if FBI agent Hansen had taken Polygraphs during his career he would not have spied, or yesterday a reporter was saying Congressman Condit passed his Polygraph test and must therefor be innocent! Don't be blind to the truth of how easily people can beat Polygraphs!, infact those that are 100% truthful are the ones most likely to fail them. I found a site just recently it is called www.antipolygraph.org, it is a not for profit site dedicated to dispelling the myth that is the lie detector, there is no fee to pay and nothing to order, there is even a chat forum to discuss a variety of law enforcement topics, ask questions about the polygraph and discuss personal experiences with the test.
    You have nothing to lose by taking some time to find out the truth.

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    Originally posted by remixdystemper:
    It amazes me how much blind faith America seems to be placing in the Polygraph(lie detector) test
    I'm not sure that Americans have blind faith when it comes to polylgraph examinations. That is why they are not admissible in a court of law, they can't be completely relied upon. It is not a perfect system, but in some situations it may help to determine if there is something a person or a suspect may be lying about or hiding - I said it may help, there are definite ways to beat the test. Everybody knows that polygraph examinations are not fool proof, nor are they a huge deterrent for those intent on committing crimes. I believe it should be looked at as an overall tool that law enforcement can use to help guide them in their processes of dealing with crimes and suspects, but not as an absolute fact. I don't think that America has blind faith in the polygraph - anybody remember O.J. Simpson? He was acquitted. **Sorry, had to throw that in.***
    "The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."


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      I was at Classmates.com a little while ago. They have this new "Personals" page. Out of curiosity, I like to see who is in my area looking for a "match". Personally, I'm too chicken to do something like that.
      Well, I found this ad from a guy named Gary in D.C., looking for an intern to have fun with. I'm sure some crackpot probably put the ad in instead of "Gary". The forum is called Kiss.com
      This "Gary" is the one that they are investigating for the Chandra Levy disapearance. The # on the site is 4006900.
      That's not even a little bit funny to me.


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        I think that this is an advertisement for the website placed by someone that is anti-poligraph. I have seen this type of post before in other law enforcement forums. If this post was made by a regular member I wouldn't be so sceptical, but the "junior member" has only one post thus far. Do any moderators recognize this, or am I in error here?


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          Is anybody familiar with voice stress analysis?


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            How would voice stress analysis work on a person that has a speech impairment such as stammering or stuttering?

            As a side note to this, how are police trained to recognize these kinds of people, and how do you react at first when a person appears to not be able to speak properly, or appears 'impaired'?

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