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Police Salary Survey...#1 to #137


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  • Police Salary Survey...#1 to #137

    The national compensation survey of the largest municipal police departments in the US is updated monthly and new departments are being added constantly.

    #1 is now Henderson, Nevada and #137 is Shreveport, Louisiana.

    Check out the salaries, the method of creating the index for ranking the departments and all 137 departments at and click "Salary Survey."

    There are a few things there that might surprise you.
    Kevin Woodside
    The Blue Line: Police Opportunity Monitor Newsletter, Publisher

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    For those of you that care, Henderson is the department I am with now. I do need to change my screen name, though. How about Donald Trump Copper...E.F. Hutton Copper...Her Majesty The Queen Copper...oops, where'd that come from. (Really, I did just get hired at Henderson, though.)
    NRA Life Member

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      every time this list comes out, it's wrong. i wouldn't follow it too closely, folks


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        As a part-timer, I make a whopping $7/hr. Beat THAT!
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          Why are Riverside and Irvine ranked below Henderson? Their start and top step salary is more than HPD.
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            If you read the fine print it explains that it is more than just the money..... they factor in COL, benefits, etc.


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              Santa Clara P.D. makes something like $7875/month at top step. I doubt anyone else beats that. I don't know where that list gets its info.
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                Ksfuzz is right, the fine print is important on this.

                First, it only considers municipal departments serving the largest population areas in the US, so smaller departments are ignored.

                Second, it considers the total benefit package and compares it with the local cost of living.

                The index used to rank the departments considers (I am simplifying a bit here) the salary divided by the number of days of work required over a 30 year period, and finally a local Consumer Price Index is factored.

                What makes Henderson #1?

                Good region for CPI
                Excellent Salary that includes good longevity, shift differentials and specialty pay.
                A vacation plan that allows a lot of time off.

                If you are interested in seeing their entire contract (its a 47 page .pdf) click here
                Kevin Woodside
                The Blue Line: Police Opportunity Monitor Newsletter, Publisher


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                  Santa Clara may make almost 8k a month but it costs 700k to buy a tiny house so its all relative.


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