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Smacked around at work today


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  • Smacked around at work today

    At work today, I got a taste of what you in LE must get all the time.

    Two minutes before I was scheduled to log off and go home, a woman comes in and really loudly asks where the "makeup markers" are. I asked if she meant stuff like eyeliner and she said "YEAAAH, eyelnhrrrrs." As I'm showing her where they were, she keeps stumbling and falling into me, blabbing incoherently about getting beat up and not being able to see straight. It was pretty obvious that she wouldn't have been able to see straight even without getting beat up tho, because her eyes are all jumpy and glazed, and YES, you guessed correctly, BLOODSHOT.
    After I read her the prices and whatnot, she shoves a few things in my face, then asks me where the Smirnoff Ice is. Great. I show her the cooler, she has me grab a few bottles and as we're walking to the register I tell her I have to ask the manager how much they cost. Fine. So I tell the manager that she's tanked and wants to buy more alcohol. Little do I know, that she has come up behind me and heard what I said. She gets all ****ed and starts throwing the stuff she had in her arms at me, then swings at me with her tote bag and smacks me in the side. I'm running for cover as she's picking up and tossing candy bars at me. The manager tells her to get out, and she says "FFFFINE, I'll jsst go smwhere ellllse," and heads to the BACK of the store to try to leave. (doors are all in the front) Manager follows behind her to make sure she doesn't wreck anything, I'm on the phone with the Police. She finally makes up back to the front of the store, throws a brush at me, and goes out the door to her CAR when the cruiser pulls up behind her. BUH BYE!!!

    See, retail can be fun!
    Man- I have a lot of respect for all Officers who have to put up with that BS all the time. Thanks all!! (and thanks to the Officer who took her away too!)

    [ 10-12-2002, 07:25 PM: Message edited by: ghost ]
    Don't take life too seriously- you'll never come out of it alive.

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    ghost, retail is a pain in the buns. But it sure looks like you had a good day today!
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