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I keep getting a blue screen! Help!


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  • I keep getting a blue screen! Help!

    For the last couple of days, several times a day, I get the Windows blue screen. I have to reboot my computer and then sometimes it'll do it again right after I sign on. Does anyone know what could be causing this and what I can do to rectify it? Thanks in advance.

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    The infamous BSOD. Caused by gremlins.

    What OS do you have? Have you installed new hardware/software, or changed a setting in Windows? Have you run Scandisk or other utilities?

    More info please...
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      That's not a lot of info.

      Could be a virus or a conflicting program.

      Retrace your steps before you started having the problem. Did you download a new program? Visit a new site? Get e-mail from someone w/an attachment?

      I'd start by running an antivirus. Then if you installed something try un-installing it. If you don't have an antivirus program you can download a free trial version at almost any AV site. I REALLY like the new version of AVG.

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        If I were you, if you can stay logged in long enough, try running Norton Utilities. For me, this has been a godsend program. It will find all of the problems like missing links, system files, etc... and fix them for you. I have used it on several occasions and had no problem. This more likely than not will fix your problem. The same thing was happening to my laptop until I used Utilities.



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          Thanks, everyone. I don't know how to get into the Norton thing. Is this something I have to install? As you can see, I'm not a computer guru my any stretch of the imagination. LOL

          The other day I ran a Panda Active Scan, which is a free site that will scan for viruses. There was one suspicious file, but the report came back saying it wasn't a virus. Come to think of it, my problems started after I ran that.

          I haven't tried doing the scan disk but I will do that.


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            The Evil Bill Gates strikes again!
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              I'd suggest going to Microsofts website for support:
              type in the search area, blue screen, and what operating system you are using (95, 98, ME, XP, NT, etc..) This will retrieve other users solutions to this situations. The only time I ever got a blue screen is when I was running Windows Millenium. Ever since using XP Home edition, I've little or no problems. Get rid of Millenium.

              You might have a faulty hardrive that needs to be replaced.


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                Okay, I'll check that out. Thanks!


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                  Take the screen out of the box......!


                  Sorry, I couldn't resist that one...

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                    What version of Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP) are you running?

                    If it's XP (both the Home and Pro editions), 2000, or ME you are in luck. There is a feature called "System Restore" that lets you "backtrack" to a time when your system was last working perfectly (or just plain last working!). It's sort of a time machine for your computer.


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                      I have Windows 98.


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                        A haiku:

                        Windows 98 crashed.
                        I am the Blue Screen of Death
                        No one hears your screams.
                        ~ auth unknown

                        What kind of error was it? And what were you doing when you crashed?

                        All those words in the BSOD is kind of important.

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                          Originally posted by Yenta:
                          I have Windows 98.

                          Looks like we have found your problem! hahahaha!!!
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