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Chats rooms... whats good and bad about them?


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  • Chats rooms... whats good and bad about them?

    I have never been in a chat room but I hear alot of bad stuff about them.

    Are they not just a public forum where more then one person "chat" with each other??

    I consistantly hear they are full of heavy "flirting" and that is why they are a concern? Is this true? What else is a concern?

    Thanks for the info......

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    only difference in the forum and the chat room is the response time is quicker. as far as flirting. it is no worse than in the forum area.
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      You are more vulnerable in a chat room, particularly if you are on IRC. You computer is really open to attack on IRC. On a Web chat, you can still be attacked. You can be attacked on anything from which they can get your IP number.
      When I say attacked, there are many vile programs out there people use for just that. One is Blue Screen....It turns your screen blue and slows down your computer. There is also Nuke. That cuts your connection to your ISP. And these are only 2 I know about. There are many others.
      In one week, one hacker cut my connection 100 times. I didn't take it lightly. I found out who it was.....a so-called friend and had his account cancelled with his ISP. Cancelling ana account really does very little good because they can get another one or go to another ISP. But, at least I put him through a little bit of trouble after all the trouble he put me through.
      I used to be on the chat lines but, luckily, was not addicted to them. What I was was MAD when someone would do these things to my computer. So, I learned. I got a firewall first. Sure, a really good hacker can get around them but they are better then having nothing. As soon as I got that, I was a lot safer. People would try to kill my computer or Bluescreen me and they couldn't. Only one did and he was very embarassed about it and apologized.
      There is also a program called NukeNabber that at least will give you the person IP number that is attacking you.
      I abhor chat rooms! (Except for!)

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        What is it about a chat room that one can get your IP but not on a forum?

        Is this also true for things like say MSN Messenger?


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          I'm sure someone can get your IP number on a forum, WW. I just don't know yet how they can. In a Web Bassed chat room, there is usually a function on it that says, "Information" Usually, you click on a persons name, go to info and it will show their IP number and maybe even their ISP on the screen. Only you can see it but anyone can get the info.
          I have never been on MSN Messenger but, if it's a chat forum, there should be a away to get your IP number.
          IRC leaves you particularly open to attack. More and more servers are taking action to protect those on a chat line. Some will scan to see if you have nuke or "Wingate". Wingate can make it look like you are dialing in from another state and, therefore, makes it harder to find you. Thay are also taking action against "clones" which is really just several connections to the chat server.
          I learned the hard way but I learned a lot. I also took an Internet Crime course that taught me a lot. My best suggestion to anyone would be to get a firewall. A good hacker can get around them but they at least close the ports to your connection and they make it possible for you to see who or what program is truing to make a connection.
          Zone Alarm is a free fireewall. It can be compromised if someone really wanted to but it's better then nothing. I have Macafee. There are those that don't like Macafee but I like it...It's better then nothing!
          As far as what's good about them, I have had a lot of fun on them. I was mainly on IRC and we really had fun taking over channels or hiding as someone else, making people guess who we were. Some people were so incredibly funny and rhere were times, I laughed til my side hurt. But, I left the chat rooms because there were also those that were scary. They truly scared me. Lots of really weird people!
          Also, the majority were there for one reason and one reason online or off. Truly not me. I saw some people get deeply hurt or manipulated. There was one woman that became engaged to a man online.....sight unseen! Too weird for me!

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            Thank you for taking the time Mitzi to reply.

            I think like eveything else, where you go and the reputation of the site can have a lot to do with it.
            For example, I would have no other expectation then the Chat site here would be well monitored and fun but if you visit other sites that don't have that reputation then you may find yourself not enjoying it.

            I think king310 has a good point.

            I just wonder why I keep hearing negitive things about them in general.


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              I chat on TalkCity, mostly in #Kops and a couple other LEO rooms. sometimes rooms arent' fun until you're a "regular," and sometimes rooms are overrun by a couple of overly outgoing people who just seem to be looking for attention. (and they get extremely irritating) as for the flirting, if you go in most chatrooms on that server with a nic that appears to be female, more than likely you will be hit with "whispers" by guys right away, some mild and some not. that gets irritating and you can put them on ignore or just not answer, but all that gets to be old. i have been in Kops when it was really fun and everyone was actually having a good time, tho i dont go in much anymore. that room also had it's share of trolls who went in to badmouth police and had to be kicked out over and over, as they change nics.

              all in all i think chatting can be fun. i only had one person do something really creepy, on the order of hacking, which they did to my webpage and could have gotten into just knowing my nicname and that i was on webtv (they could take a guess on that since TalkCity comes with webtv). i've never had stalkers or weird email or anything like that and i've been chatting for a couple years.
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                I have learned a valuable lesson in life about chatrooms.
                Good-that meeting new friends and keeping in touch and sharing experiences in police work and if information is required in police work to assist in criminal investigations its an asset to have contacts. Also, to meet people around the world with similiar interests, ideas, values, and perspective on life.

                The Bad-people can say what ever they want about you and you might not be that bad person they say you are just because they dont like you for whatever reason. Its easier to say bad things and make fun of other people who you dont know personally but to look them in the eye to say it is are given a false sense of security that everyone is your best buddy but the moment you go off line they will ridicule you and everyone joins in for the isnt so funny when the tables are turned the other way..
                I have learned that YOUR friends are the people that love you right at your own doorstep and its easy to get swept away into this world of talking on chatrooms..but beware of the strain that it causes on your relationships of those that truely love you..and spending valuable time with those that love you...
                Use the chatrooms wisely..that it doesnt affect your loved ones..


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                  Unfortunately there are people that have a need to talk bad about other people but I have learned from very wise people not to get caught up in that and instead try to understand that there usually is a reason they do it. These reasons can include a need to divert attention from someone that seems to be getting to much attention or lack of anything else to talk about. You learn with time spent on a forum who has a "need" for attention and this "need" is not necessarily for a bad purpose. I agree that words can hurt but I think you answered it yourself in your last paragraph.

                  I realize there is a difference when it is done in public view verses a conversation between 2 people in private. There is a fine line between "healthy gossip" and "hurtful rumour". This is where maturity comes in and the importance of moderators.

                  I think thats where the negitivity of the flirting comes in. The general consenus I have found is that most people can tolerate good natured flirting. The problems usually come when it turns more serious and other people start to feel uncomfortable, or it is not taken as intended by either party.

                  Flirting is supposed to be "without serious intention". If people want to take it further, then exchange emails and take it out of the public forum.

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                    What else is a concern?

                    From the Sacramento Bee July 14, 2001

                    *Teacher Arrested On Sex Counts*

                    MODESTO - A Sacramento teacher's email conversations led to his arrest Friday in a parking lot where he thought he was to meet a 13-year old girl, according to Stanislaus County Sheriffs.


                    Detective Kendricks said the case began about three weeks ago in an AOL chat room for older men who like to talk to young girls, despite AOL rules against such rooms.

                    The suspect had many private conversations with Kendricks, who posed as a 13-year old girl. Thos online conversations led to phone calls, which were conducted by Deputy Beth Moore, who pretended to be the young girl. (hehehehe...)

                    *Note* This guy has a wife, a 4 year old daughter and a 6 month old son. He also sent fully nude photos to the "supposed" 13 year old girl. SICK...

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                      They are all evil!!! dont go in!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


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                        Originally posted by Gubmentcheez:

                        Where's the guestbook? Can't give you my comments if you don't have a guest book.


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                          Originally posted by kateykakes:
                          Where's the guestbook? Can't give you my comments if you don't have a guest book.
                          Like I need a guestbook for everyone to say, "You suck!"


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                            You suck???? Remember you only live 20 minutes from me, Mister Gub. Nothing for me to get in the car and come over there and kick your butt!

                            I think you're awesome! Everyone loves ya!

                            BTW, your site is incredible. Always well done. Great laughs.

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                              [QUOTE]Originally posted by uspublisher:
                              *Note* This guy has a wife, a 4 year old daughter and a 6 month old son. He also sent fully nude photos to the "supposed" 13 year old girl. SICK...

                              yes, hopefully everybody here sees that as a concern!!! I'd be concerned if they didn't!!


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