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Cop Killer asking for Parole


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  • Oink
    Grrrr! Four lifetimes isn't enough!
    What crackhead would seriously consider letting this ************* run around loose.
    There's human rights code against the punishment he's worthy of!
    *rant mode off*

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  • JKT
    Email sent.

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  • Mental Ammo
    started a topic Cop Killer asking for Parole

    Cop Killer asking for Parole

    Show your support to keep killer behind bars
    Kansas City Officer Thomas R. Meyers killed in the line of duty

    December 16, 2002

    Convicted Cop Killer is asking for parole
    On January 16th, 2003 Larry Dean Bittick, Missouri Department of Corrections inmate #1013472 is scheduled to have a parole hearing. His family needs the support of the community to see that he stays incarcerated and receives the sentence the Judge gave him when the jury found him guilty.

    On November 19th, 1998 Larry Bittick was found guilty and convicted on all four charges filed against him.

    At 10:54 on January 14th, 1998 Larry Bittick killed Kansas City, Missouri Police Officer Thomas R. Meyers and severely injured three other people. Bittick's blood alcohol content was over three times the legal limit one hour after the incident. Bittick was sentenced as follows:
    Count 1 Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer in the 2nd degree at 15 years. Under Missouri law at the time assault on a law enforcement officer carried a stiffer penalty then if he was charged for the death of Officer Meyers. A monetary fine was not allowed with this charge.
    Count 2 Assault in the 2nd degree at 5 years and a fine of $2000
    Count 3 Assault in the 2nd degree at 5 years and a fine of $2000
    Count 4 Assault in the 2nd degree at 5 years and a fine of $2000 - - these sentences are to run consecutively not concurrently.

    Four Years in not enough!
    Please show your support to keep Larry Bittick behind bars. Send your letters to :
    Email address: probation&[email protected]
    Mailing address: Board of Probation and Parole 1511 Christy Drive Jefferson City, MO 65109
    If you requite another format please let us know [email protected]

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