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Vehicle Registration Fees


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  • Vehicle Registration Fees

    In Wisconsin we pay $45 for autos and $55 for trucks under 4500#s. After Jan. 1, everything is getting doubled to pay for the rebuilding of the Marquette interchange in Milwaukee. We have no Toll booths but we have one of the highest gas taxes in the US. It is crazy. Now we have a democrat elected as govenor. Spend, spend, spend. I can't wait. I hope that the Republican assembly and senate can keep the govenor under control.

    What does everyone else pay for registration? I think we are getting screwed again.
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    Damn that infrastructure, it costs so much money!

    But don't complain, here in california vehicle registration is in the hundreds (my mom's new volvo was like 450 bucks the first year...). Of course, we're quite proud of our tax system here that has 33% of the population paying virtually all of the taxes...
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      In Texas I believe it's based on vehicle weight and age.

      I pay about $65 per year for a 1998 Dodge Ram.

      Speaking of gas taxes, I think the last time I looked on the gas pump it stated that 39.8 cents per gallon went to Stated and Federal taxes.
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        In Tennessee(my area), it's $19/vehicle with a $10 locally-added 911 fee. Our gas tax is $0.39/gallon, IIRC.
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          Iowa, my '99 Dodge Caravan cost $224 per year. My wifes car is registered in South Dakota- she cummutes daily for work and SD law requires her to have SD lic and plates- that cost $35 per year.


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            For military members in Germany, it is $15 a vehicle for the year. The Army regulates how many vehicles you can have registered and fuel is rationed each month. If you surpass you fuel allotment for the month, you can purchase it on the economy but it is very expensive (1.40 euro per liter vs. 42 cents a liter on base).
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              In CT for passenger vehicles & M/C's it's $72.00 every two years. For trucks it's figured by the gross weight. THEN there's the personnal property tax EACH year for everything one owns. And taxes are going up again.
              If you think your taxes are high... move east. [Eek!]
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                Originally posted by n567:
                But don't complain, here in california vehicle registration is in the hundreds (my mom's new volvo was like 450 bucks the first year...).

                When I was still in training, my FTO and I stopped a six-month old Mercedes SL 600 (the V-12) for going through a red light.

                While writing the ticket, I took note of the first year's registration fee, which is printed in the upper right hand corner of the registration card: $2200 [Eek!] Remember, that was 10 years ago too.

                I showed the card to my FTO, who nearly fell out of the car in shock


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                  California's ridiculous. The basic vehicle registration isn't that bad. What kills us is the tax DMV imposes on the car. Every year, we are taxed based on the value of the car, according to a schedule they have.

                  And then, to make things worse, pickup trucks pay exorbitant commercial vehicle registration fees. Like my Ram Sport does anywhere near the damage to the roads that a semi does.

                  A guy on my shift is from Oregon. He said up there, registration is something like $40 every other year. No wonder everyone is moving up there.
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                    I think i pay $62 every year, for an SUV. and the car insurance in Jersey is outrageous.
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                      I would be happy to pay what you WILL be paying in Wisconsin. In Indy, it is based on teh value/age of the car. It used to be outrageous, but within the past decade they reformed the fees to lower them. For an old beater you pay what amounts to a minimal amount. I pay about $250 for my car.
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                        California is going to get worse with our budget woes...stand by!


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                          In Saskatchewan you get basic personal injury liability ($1M) and collision insurance ($700 deductible) automatically with your plates when you register and continue to re-register your vehicle. Registration is based on the repair record and costs for that make, model, type and year of vehicle. For example, our 1986 Olds 88 4 door is just over $600/year (about $400 US).

                          The Province is implementing a safe driving program this year, where in they will give you a 1% discount on all vehicles registered in your name for every year that you have point-free driving.

                          If you gain offence points (at-fault collision, driving offences (speeding offences cause NO points unless you are driving more than 50 kph over the limit, then 3 points)) the Province will reduce the discount, or if you had no discount, they will assess an administrative penalty the next time you renew your driver's licence (annually at the end of your birth month - basic fee $25)

                          We now have the choice of selecting tort-resolution or no-fault vehicle insurance (and no, no-fault does NOT mean that you will not have to pay your deductible if you were the cause of the collision - like the guy who side-swiped my wife's car with a dealer-loaner, then tried to sue her because he had to pay the dealer's deductible!). No-fault means that the not-at-fault, or less-at-fault, driver and/or registered owner and/or passenger in such vehicle does not need to sue the other driver and/or registered owner to receive vehicle repair and/or health and rehabilitation coverage.
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                            In the UK vehicle taxation is based on the amount of CO2 it emmits and for petrol driven cars varies between


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