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    hope my friend from another forum doesn't mind me posting one of his threads...this is just TOO funny!!

    I was sitting in the waiting area for the service department of my Nissan dealer this morning, waiting for my Z to come out. Two service techs walked in and got coffee. Their conversation went like this:

    1. Looks like we're going to war because of the Republicans.
    2. I'm scared.
    1. Why?
    2. I'm afraid I won't have food on my table in a month.
    1. Why?
    2. Because of the war. I'm really scared.
    1. Did you know a bunch of democrats voted for it, too?
    2. Really?
    1. Yep, even the top one. What's his name?
    2. I forget. You mean that guy that's in charge of all of them?
    1. Yeah that's the guy. He voted for war. Can you believe that?
    2. Wow! Hey, that former president just won a Nobel prize.
    1. I heard that too. What's his name again?
    2. I forget...

    I sat there grinning at them, they didn't notice.

    There's only one guy at that dealer that I'll allow to touch my Z, and he was not one of these two morons.

    our future "constituents"??????????
    I'll post, You argue.

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