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To anyone who takes dietary supplements,(vitamins etc)


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  • To anyone who takes dietary supplements,(vitamins etc)

    Maybe some of you have heard by now of H.R.5564,what it seeks to do is render a bunch of dietary supplements as schedule 3 drugs. The primary focus of this bill is the andro supplements,which despite what the media tells you are pretty worthless as far as musclebuilding,but thats not the point.....what irks me the most is that one of the 2 sponsors of this bill is Tom Osborne,the former nebraska coach...who know feels that muscles or athletic performance should be illegal.....but yet sported some of the first 290-300lb lineman in the 80's.....i guess they just drank alotta milk...as someone who's weight trained for the last 21yrs, no way.HYPOCRITE....also the same guy who turned his head to lawrence phillips who was a fine young man ...then became a bad aple after he helped them win a national championship..please....but i digress.

    Not only would it make things like DHEA,progesterone,pregnelone sched 3,it would also nab all those substances deemed to be precursors of those substances....so even things like wild yam root,or even cosmetics with wild yam,dhea etc in them are now a felony. Is this all we have to worry about now? Do we really need to railroad this bill thru at the opening of the next congress or shouldn't just maybe we concentrate on the economy or homeland security? This is as effective as banning ephedrine b/c some dummy doesn't have the common sense not to take 17 tablets with 3cups of expresso then go to football or soccer practice in the 97deg heat.

    What Sweeney and osborne seek to do with this bill is completely circumvent all the FDA etc procedures for proving any dietary supplements are harmful,which is exactly what the DSHEA act was passed to prevent. This is viewed as a gateway bill to further regulation in the industry,and if this passes,the precedent is set,and yes look for all vitamins and herbs etc to become prescription drugs. Can't you just wait to have to get a precription for a bottle of Vitamin C? Or having to go to your orthopedic surgeon to get glucosamine?? I guess I'm ranting here,but we've already witnessed the govt ban tryptophan supplements b/c 14 people or so got sick from a bad batch. Needless. You can find more information and even letters to send at www.usfa.biz

    This is the first time in a long time i actually got fired up enuff to write a letter to a congressman...but the ridiculousness of this bill really gets me(not that any others are anymore non-ridiculous)...i guess i should stop getting cranked up about stuff at 345 in the am though...boy whats next? "you're under arrest ma'am,put down that centrum,face away from me,down to your knees, cross one leg over the other and interlock your fingers...whoops someone call SWAT & K9 to clear the rest of the house they could have Vit E in there"


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