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    I hope, when the time comes that I should no longer drive, I will know it.
    I went for my allergy shot today. After my shot, I had to wait 20 minutes to make sure I didn't have a reaction.
    I watched this car putt-putt-putt into the parking lot. This rather large older lady parked then decided to back out for some reason. She backed right into a passing car. It took her SO long to get out of that car and she walked with tiny baby steps, leaning heavily on a cane, to see what damage she caused. They exchanged information then she went back to her car. It took her forever to get back in it. She continued backing out and then slowly circled 3 times until she finally parked right in front of the building, where she was not supposed to park. Again, it took forever for her to get back out of the car and into the building. She could barely walk and leaned heavily on her cane again
    This really scared me. If she ever has to stop quickly, there is NO WAY she could do it.

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    i understand Mitzi, I know an elderly lady who while driving home from work would become terrified and confused. So she would pull in to a circle k and leave all her windows up and lock the doors until traffic let up. In Az, you cannot do this and needless to say she had many run ins with the local fire department paramedics. Sad to say she is no longer working with me and lives in a nursing home. She was one of those ladies who in her old age was hilarious. She bagged groceries where i work and one day she told the firefighter who was a little overweight "When are you going to drop that baby, You've been carrying for quite some time now." And "Guess you won't be shimmying down poles no time soon with that gut" I stopped what i was doing and looked at her in complete surprise. The poor firefighter was so embarrassed, his face turned beet red. After they left i could not stop laughing, It was just so funny coming from a 83 year old lady who thought she did nothing wrong.


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      Mitzi - I can relate just up the street from my house is a bank - picture this you put your van up for sale in the paper, a shopper calls they're interested so you say can you meet me at the bank to take a look at it. The two couples are out examing the vehicle they are interested in purchasing the wife gets ready to enter into the van and steps to the door - when a 73 year old drives into the parking lot parks across from them but over turns her parking spot throws it in reverse hits and pins the female shopper to the van amputating her legs. The elderly woman didn't even realize she hit anything started to go about her business.

      I'm getting up there too - I hope I know when to call it quits


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