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  • Excellent cops

    I thought this might be great change from the other (bad cops topic).

    I encountered 2 terrific officers a couple days before 4th of july. when my nieghbor's son and his friends decided it would be cool to shoot off fireworks in thier front yard. Of course i called the non emergency number to see if it was legal first. No sense and bothering officers for something so trivial. And it was not legal so they came to my front door and asked what my problem was. i explained, and they were the coolest ever. I genuinely felt like they did not write me off like i was some kind of flake. In the off chance they are surfing this board i would lke to say Thank you! And i am greatful for the A-1 Job you do everyday (JJ and AM)

    Does anybody else have that one person or officer that has made the extra effort to be kind?

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    Yes, I do. I have had one accident in my life. I ran into the back of a car that had stopped for a school bus. It was one of those wide medians where, technically, she didn't have to stop but running into the rear of her car was my fault no matter what, of course.
    Of course, right next to me was a cop car. I was SO upset. This officer was off duty but he jumped out of his car and came to see if I was ok. He TRIED to calm me down (tears) then ran to see if she was ok. My door jammed and I couldn't get out and he ran back to help me. He was so nice. He said that while this was my fault, it was a common accident and that's what we have insurance for. He then stopped dead in his tracks and looked at my eyes. (I have nystagmus, a slight moving of the eyes). I informed him of that but I'm sure they checked me over without me knowing it.
    The woman I hit was furious and when her son arrived, he came charging toward me. The nice cop was right there and informed him he WOULD put him in his car if he said ONE word to me. The boy walk away then charged back screaming obscenities at me. The cop grabbed him and wrestled him to his car and told him to cool down or he was going for disturbing the peace.
    Meantime, my husband drives by and I see him roll his eyes. He parked and came over and put his arms around his sobbing wife.
    The nice cop made things so much better for me and didn't treat me like a criminal. The woman's whole family arrived and they acted like I had tried to commit murder or something. More cops arrived and let me tell you, they had them backed down really quick like.
    I did write a letter to the Sheriff telling him how much I appreciated this cop, and the others, making a mistake I made easier on me.
    I do not, however, drive as much as I used to because of this accident.

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      Good idea!
      I always remember the time years ago when my dad was almost killed in a traffic accident by a drunk driver. The ambulance and police had to literally scrap him off a pole.

      The traffic cop was awesome. I was picked up at home and taken to the hospital because he told me my dad was most likely not going to survive and didn't want me to drive.

      My dad was in a coma for a long time and had to learn to breath, eat, walk, talk and everything all over again.

      That evening in the hospital the traffic cop stayed with me and was one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life! He even shed a tear with me!!

      (and yes, this is the same dad whose car I had to take away recently!!)


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        Lots of great experiences but recently I had a run in with a few great guys. I lived in Baltimore and had my house broken into. There was a cold beer on my kitchen table that I did not open so I basically wanted my house checked just to make sure no one was still around. The two officers came very quickly were very professional and helpful. They also insisted that the crime lab come out to check for prints. I told them that I did not think that was necessary they only took a radio and 40 bucks but they insisted saying you never could tell what would come up. All in all these two guys were great. Baltimore is a busy city with Im sure plenty for these guys to do but they helped make a pretty creepy situation alright!!


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          You know, I'm sure a letter of commendation written to the chief of the department would be appreciated in all these situations.

          Now I'm not a cop, but I do know that in a time when people file complaints about each and every little problem they have with an officer, it would be a welcome change to get a letter of praise. Things like that often are perminant additions to their employee record, too.


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            That's true, Patrick. I think, in our world, not enough compliments are made. I know my husband rarely compliments me. But, one day, he looked at a picture I drew and said, "Wow....That's a gift!"
            It meant so much to me and I smiled for days and still think of it. He doesn't give compliments often, like I said, so I knew he was truly impressed.
            A pat on the back goes a long way!


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              Exactly - it was definitely nice of you to post the nice letters here, but only a handful see them. Take the same time and jot it down on paper and drop or mail it off to your police Agency "involved".

              Remember if the Officer made your day by responding to your call the way he did you will do the same by responding to his efforts with a nice letter to the Chief on his behalf.

              I know everytime my husband receives a thoughtful - kind letter we all celebrate at home that he's done something good for someone else.

              Stay safe & thanks for the great post!

              Maybe we should have (1) more holiday - added to the list THANK A COP DAY!


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                Good to mention Patrick, Such an important point! Only takes a bit of time to do and has a great effect. (For me, it offsets those seemingly endless complaints and lawsuits!!)

                Don't want you to think that because a story was posted without mentioning that a letter was sent that it wasn't.

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                  "atta boy" letters are always nice in an officer's file. A good administrator should always consider an officer's good record and rappor with the community when it does (and in this line of work it will) become necessary to take some form of disciplinary action.


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                    While you're writing thank-you letters to the officers, fire a copy off to the editor of the local paper. With so little good press about police today, an opportunity like this should not be passed up.


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                      About a year ago my son (11yr old) got involved in something with some friends of his. They went into a vacant trailer that one of the kids found a key to. Long story short they could have been charged as juveniles for breaking and entering and theft. The owners were understanding and all was worked out.
                      I didn't think the kids really understood the weight of what they did so I called my local SO to see if they could get the point across.
                      I worked it out with the other parents ahead of time and when the Deputy showed up I called to have the kids sent over. He even left his lights on for effect. Once the kids got in the house this Deputy went into action. First he frisked them and put them in cuffs and had them sit on the couch. He then proceeded to read them their rights while my wife and I packed a suitcase for my son.
                      By this time the kids were close to tears. While we were packing the Deputy explained to them what they had done and what was in store for them. He then started questioning them and I have never seen these boys so quiet.
                      Finally, he told the boys to sit there while he discusses this with their parents. We all sat at the dining room table trying to keep a straight face and talked about the latest politics in town.
                      The Deputy then got up and said that after discussing it with your parents I have decided to place you all under house arrest for 1 week. I have never heard more "Yes Sir" responses from these boys.

                      I sent a letter to the SO office thanking the Deputy for taking time out of his shift to give these kids a mini version of scared straight.
                      It's easier to get out of jail than it is a morgue. Live long and defend yourself!

                      Jhn 3:16
                      NRA Lifer


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                        On the lighter side..I was reading this and thought of your thread.......

                        Hey! (Quack) Over here! (Quack)
                        WebPosted Fri Jul 13 13:51:00 2001
                        VANCOUVER - A mother duck is a hero in Vancouver because she chased after a police officer, grabbed his pantleg and directed him to her ducklings caught in a sewer grating.

                        At first the police officer, Roy Peterson, shoved the duck away. But the duck grabbed his pantleg again, then walked to the sewer grating and sat on it.

                        "I though it was a bit goofy, so I shoved it away," Peterson told The Vancouver Sun. Curious, Peterson walked to the grating where he discovered eight ducklings trapped in the water under the grating.

                        He called a tow truck and a crew managed to bring the ducklings to safety.

                        Mother duck then marched her ducklings to a nearby pond.


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                          These are some great stories! I always let the cops in my area know how much I appreciate them. When I have to go away for a few days, they take the extra time to make sure my house is secure and make extra patrols around the neighborhood. Within aprox. 4 miles of my home there's the State Police, Sheriff's Dept. and 2 different towns next to each other that have there own cops. Today, I won a bunch of coupons for meals (buy 1 get 1 free), in different restaurants and Pizza places around town. I'll take them tomorrow and give them to the cops that I know. I know it's not much but, it's just a small way of letting them know that I do appreciate them ALOT!!
                          Edgar, I'm originally from Baltimore. Had to get away from there! My middle son works downtown and oldest works on Belair Rd. My brother still lives in Laurel.


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                            WonderWoman, That is such a sweet story!! Glad the cop helped the poor babies.


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                              Thanks Jean! I thought it was cute!!

                              ... and I think your coupon idea is great!!


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