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Does your agency employ a full time armorer?


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  • Does your agency employ a full time armorer?

    I've noticed that most departments assign one of the officers the collateral duty of department armorer.

    I was wondering if there are any cop shops out there that have a full time armorer on staff...I need a job... [Frown]

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    We employ several full time armorers. Unfortunately, they are all sworn police officer positions. You have to get hired, go through the academy, do all the regular cop stuff for a few years, and wait for an opening. You can then apply for an armorer position and hopefully be accepted. We also have several full time officers who are assigned simple armorer tasks as a small part of their duties.

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      Larger departments like Underdog's are able to assign a sworn officer (or several, in his department's case) to the specific task of being an armorer and/or rangemaster.

      Small departments, on the other hand, usually don't have the luxury of an officer dedicated specifically to these tasks, due to staffing numbers, so they will assign an officer(s) to these tasks in addition to their usual duties (patrol, detectives, etc.).


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        My PD has ONE guy that's been to HK's armorer's school(the tact team uses HKs). The rest of the department is up a creek.......
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          Our Armourer shop for the entire Force is located at our Academy. Some of the Armourers are Regular Members (Peace Officer/LEO) but I think most are now Civilian Members, hired solely for working in the Armourer shop. However, the first requirement for getting hired as a C/M is to be a Canadian citizen.
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