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  • How do you feel about this?

    In Lawrence Massachusetts, some young children fell through the ice of the Merrimack River. Apparently, the U.S flag is being flown at half mast for these children who died. All of them died. Four, I believe.

    It's the talk around Massachusetts and I believe that those who are complaining about it have a legitimate reason for doing so. It SHOULDN'T be flown half mast unless the person who died was a public servant who died in the line of duty or who died serving this country. Don't get me wrong, this tragedy was just that and tragedies do happen, but in my opinion I don't want to see it become a common thing. It takes meaning away from the whole reason why the flag is flown that way.

    Your opinions?

    [ 12-20-2002, 11:47 PM: Message edited by: Tprspouse ]
    "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker

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    I agree with you 100%.

    BTW, is it a City Hall flag, school flag or....?
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      Children are the sole reason we exist, they are our future. Fly the flag at half-mast.

      Jim Burnes


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        The whole city observed the AMERICAN flag being flown at half mast. City officials ordered it be.

        You have a point Jim, but tragedies happen everywhere everday to children. If we should fly it for these four children, we should fly it for all children who die in accidents. Think about it. That's a lot and the true meaning is lost.

        Bottom line, the American flag being flown at half mast means that America is mourning a loss of someone involved in government in some way shape or form. The veterans, the heroes, the lawmakers, etc. etc. or anyone falling victim to terrorism ie: Sept. 11th.

        Nobody told me to lower my flag for the victims of the sniper shootings. [Frown]

        [ 12-21-2002, 12:11 AM: Message edited by: Tprspouse ]
        "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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          Interesting points on both sides. Nobody did this when a little boy was killed by a hit and run motorist a couple of years ago, but then, the loss of four children at once would certainly greatly expand the scope and scale of the tragedy.

          This is toughie, but I will side with those who want to reserve the flag at half mast for public servants. It is a long standing tradition in this country and to preserve it's place of honor it's use should not be stretched beyond where it already has.
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            Tprspouse, I agree with you.


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              I agree with Tprspouse.... I think the flag was flown at half-mast as a show of community sorrow for what has happened.It bothers me they would pick that instead of say colored ribbons on cars or such as that.Maybe its left up to the discretion of the community leaders
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                I think it's terrible that people are talking about it. Imagine your child(ren) have just drowned, the flag is at half staff to honor Him/her and what next? You start to hear people talking about how the flag shouldn't be at half staff for your child(ren). Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds of pain. I understand BOTH sides of the argument but really, just let these people mourn, how tragic. The last thing these families should have to deal with right now is putting up with people debating if their kids' deserve to have the flag at half staff. I can only imagine the pain of losing either one of my children.


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                  I can see both sides of it. i'm thinking that because it was four kids, and maybe because it happened on the river, a part of the community, that's their reasoning.

                  I remember in our community when a local, well-loved store owner was killed in a car accident, they flew the flags at half-mast. maybe it's just going to be more common everywhere.
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                    It was basically the talk of "talk radio". If they listened to Howie Carr they would have gotten an earful. Hopefully they didn't.
                    "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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                      I think it was certainly appropiate for the school that the students attended to fly the flag at half mast, but having ALL the American flags in town fly that way might have been a little to much.
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                        I think the reason they are flying at half mast is the "hero angle"...I believe that 3 of the kids died trying to save the other one.


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                          Curious as to who ordered half-masting of the flag. If it helps the community mourn, who cares, do it. We do plenty that is not "traditional" flag etiquette but is viewed positively by patriotic Americans.

                          Did you notice the flags on uniforms of baseball players? Or how many flag and flag type emblems popped up on ads and tv logos after 9-11? I don't think anyone was showing disrespect, we were definitely taken over by a wave of patriotism.

                          What about the desktop flag that went around via email and waves in he BOTTOM right hand corner.


                          I imagine the loss of these children had a devastating effect. Let them mourn.
                          Do your best, do what is right


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                            Originally posted by xyneshia:
                            debating if their kids' deserve to have the flag at half staff.

                            This isn't about if they deserve to have the flag half-mast in their honor, but is this to say that others who lose their lives in similar tragedies don't deserve the same?
                            Certainly this was a horrible tragedy no matter where you live, however, I cannot see how it can be considered a national tragedy, These things happen all the time!
                            It would however be very appropriate to fly a flag half-mast that represents that community.
                            But if you fly the national flag @ half-mast everytime there's a tragedy it would never fly full-mast!
                            A communty is mourning and it is sad for anyone to hear but that doesn't make it a national tragedy!
                            It dishonors so many countless brave heroes who have died honorably, Without any flag flown half-mast for them!
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                              I am sorry to hear about the kids. Like many others have already said, where do we draw the line now for flying the flag at half mast. I really don't think that the flag shoud be lowered for the children. There are other ways to remember children that have passed away.
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