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  • Bad COP's

    First, I am not here to bash COP's, but to discuss concerns I have based on some bad experiences.

    My first bad experience occurred many years ago when I was arrested for yelling at cop.
    (Not smart, I know, but things were going very bad for me at that time)
    He started to frisk me which I allowed, but his hand lingered uncomfortably long on my crotch, so I instinctively pulled away.
    This led to a pulling contest for my arm, and in short time I was on the ground with several cops piled on top of me.
    The cuffs were not only put on, but crushed on painfully tight.
    On my ride to the station the cop kept accelerating and slaming on the brakes. Because the seat was made of a hard plastic that was very slipery, it caused me to hit my head on the cage that separated us.
    (Does this sound familiar?)

    Once we arrived at the station, and it was announced that "Now your on our turf", they began the physical punishment. Punching, kicking etc. , though nothing they did caused any serious injury.

    But the thing that bothered me the most were that rights were never read to me, and that they made things up on the police report, probably to justify their behavior.

    I was young and without money, else I would have sued without any hesitation.

    It was this educational experience that opened my eyes to what really goes on in a police station.

    Basically, the rights that we (we average citizens that is) are said to have are meaningless (unless the abuse is captured on video tape.) I assume that most COP's probably know this.

    The other lesson learned was: COPS will defend other dirty COPS. They will lie for each other no matter how wrong, and will not step in to aid the abused citizen.

    I never viewed COP's the same way again after this.

    (And yes, I probably would still yell at a COP given the same conditions that I was in at the time.)

    One more incident, and I will get to the question:

    In a Chicago bar, an off duty rookie COP from another city was showing off to his buddies and frisking people as they went toward the bathroom. Judging from appearances, he seemed to be on a real power trip that annoyed me. Anyhow, it's not the first time I have seen this type of rookie behavior.
    (As a side note, I think that was the COP that was arrested in Chicago for killing a bouncer because he wouldn't allow him to take his glass outside).

    Now to the question.

    Do COP's receive psychological training?
    For example, how to calm an agitated person down, rather than simply (and eagerly) piling on him with all the force possible?

    And second, are COP's in training, screened psychologically to help keep out the ones that simply want to carry a gun and have power over others?


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    It is good to hate the French. -Al Bundy


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      I can only say, Ned, your completely right.
      COPS are selected for their level of oppression towards citizens. In fact, those lacking certain aspects of torture are placed on a waiting list for such training.

      Speakin for myself, as I am a retired soldier, that I would welcome the opportunity to go to work, knowing that I could with impunity assault any one, such as yourself.

      Well, when your right, your right! Looks like you caught the law enforcment community with their collective pants down, ennit?

      I am thankful you represent the countries future. I commend you for your objective thinking and intelligence.

      Jim Burnes


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        Did you have a nice looking crotch, or were you trolling?


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          I don't understand the term "trolling".

          But I half expected a reasonable reply.
          If you can't do that, then why say anything?
          Just go back to the flirt page and ignore the serious subjects.


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            *Sniff* *Sniff*

            *Checking the bottom of my shoe to see if I just stepped in something*


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              Oh....wait a second son.........

              If some people find your story to be very unbelieveable, that's something you have to deal with. But popping off and telling people where they should go posts etc....... that won't work very well.

              I personally don't buy your story either.


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                Starting a thread the way you did you need to expect that we're gonna be suspicious.
                In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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                  Since you feel our attitude makes it hopeless, closing this thread shouldn't hurt your feelings.

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