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    The other day I got called to a domestic dispute. I was barely out of the parking lot when I got the call.

    Earlier that day, the day shift guys went to the same place and arrested a very drunk and unhappy man in his late 40's. He eventually got out and headed home.

    This time, it was him that called 911, not his perky little wife who called earlier.

    He had called because his wife was throwing a fit about him being there and he didnt want to get arrested again. He agreed to go spend the night with his sister, but she wouldnt let him back in the house to get a change of clothes. After lots of discussion and "counseling" by me and another officer, she agreed to let him in. For officer safety purposes, I followed him in to get his clothes.

    What I saw put me in a state of shock.

    It was the biggest pigstye I have ever witnessed. My DOG has better living conditions than those two had. To get his clothes, he simply went to the kitchen table and pulled some out of a stack that was literally ceiling high. Now I can understand someone dumping their cloths with the intent of folding them, but it was evident that thse clothes had been there awhile. They had little isles weaving in and out of all of the trash that they had in the place. In the living room was a trashcan full of peanut hulls that had been spilled on the living room floor. They had several cases of empty beer cans chunked behind the couch. It looked like they drank the beer and threw the cans over their shoulders to be picked up later. Most of the windows were broken from a previous fit that she had, so says he. The carpet was atrocious. Ive changed out carpet a hundred times better than that. The place stunk like stale beer and body odor. This place was out in the country and they had no visible neighbors, so they were pretty much alone.

    The whole time I thought of how the community would be better served by chunking a match in the place. I fail to see how someone would choose to live like that. The guy was a federal worker for the Forest Dept, he had a good job, better than a lot of people. In fact, the longer I stayed in there the more it discusted me. It made me want to go home and jump my kids for having messy rooms.

    Does anyone here run into people that live like pigs ocassionaly ? It still ticks me off when I think about it.

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    When I was in the resale business I got a call one day to look at a brand new couch. I met with a woman who took me to a double wide trailer out in the sticks. We went into the house and I almost gagged at what I saw.

    The kitchen was piled high with dirty dishes and leftover food. The table was covered as well. Everywhere you looked roaches were crawling. In the daylight! Two or three guys were in a room passed out on chairs or on the floor. The carpet was black from stains.

    The entire trailer was the same as the kitchen, GROSS!

    In the middle of all this mess was a brand new couch, it sparkled compared to the rest of the house.

    I politely excused myself and later explained that I didn't want the couch for fear of roach eggs being inside.

    I don't know how people can live this way. Oh, and the woman who took me there had earlier shown me her fridge, which she wanted me to buy. There were roaches INSIDE the fridge.

    Excuse me, I gotta go barf!!!!!
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      BTDT and agree wholeheartedly with you....

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          I worked a brief stint as an inspector for terminix.....I saw things that would make you throw up...We went to a house where a young marine and his wife and newborn son was living.I was told he wanted to have his house treated for fleas.He had two big german shepards theat had the run of the house in the back bedroom where the baby's crib was there was no carpet and that was where the dogs used the bathroom as a marine I saw and smelled things that were utterly horrible but I almost got sick in that house and to this day I cant figure out how the baby was standing it
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            yep. Two of the Search Warrants I've executed have had me absolutely gagging. One left that smell in my 'brain'... you know, after showering, washing my hair etc. I could still smell it?

            I have a farm, so I have mud, dog hair, horse hair... basically good old fashioned DIRT. I'm also cluttered. And occasionally the old dog even has an accident in the house--which is why I have pergo from end-to-end so I can bleach, mop, sweep etc.

            But what completely gets me is *people* dirt. Old food, used condoms, used needles... all laying within inches of each other. SHUDDER... It's truly horrifying. I don't know how people can live like it.


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              Originally posted by deputy37:

              But what completely gets me is *people* dirt. Old food, used condoms, used needles... all laying within inches of each other. SHUDDER... It's truly horrifying. I don't know how people can live like it.

              I agree. a little dust and clutter never hurt anyone, and doesnt mean you're a *bad person*. but some things are just unsanitary and unhealthy! especially if children are living there. keep a clean kitchen and bathroom, and youre ok in my book.
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                I am extremely anal retentive. Some call it a blessing, others a curse. I just live with 'it.' My freshman year of college, I met my match. My roommate must have thought that deodorant was a mere suggestion. He showered a max of every other day, wore the same clothes several days in a row, never changed his bed sheets, left all his clothes on the floor, and did not seem to remember to brush his teeth. And to think, HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND. Nice guy and all, but good Lord, have some respect for those around you. I guess it was nice for him to have someone to clean up all the time...


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                  What? Nobody mentioned the ubiquitous overflowing old 5 gallon pickle bucket being used as a toilet!

                  Bath tubs that haven't drained in weeks so the kids keep bathing in the same tepid dirty water...

                  Toddlers laying in a cardboard box with rat bites...

                  I could go on and on....


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                    There are houses and apartments that I have refused to enter when I've been on report calls. The people who live there never seem to understand why I would rather stand outside and write a report on a clipboard while holding my flashlight under my left arm.


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                      The worst I've ever seen was a woman that used to call our ambulance about 1-2 times a month when she (literally) would fall down and couldn't get up.

                      Her house was knee-high in filth; there was a path leading from the front door through the house. Every other flat surface was covered (sometimes to the ceiling) with garbage, newspapters and other unidentifiable crap. On more than one occasion I saw a rat scurrying out of my way as I walked through. Her stove had about a 1-inch-thick layer of grease and old food covering it. How she ever cooked anything without starting a grease fire, I'll never know.

                      The worst was her refrigerator. I was warned, on my first call out to her place, to NEVER, for any reason, open the refrigerator. One day a deputy showed up at the scene and he obviously was new to the area. When he saw the conditions she was living in, he went to the kitchen to see if she had anything to eat. I was in the kitchen doorway when he opened the refrigerator. He promptly puked on her kitchen floor.

                      I never learned what was in there, but I really didn't want to know.
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                        It was a real eye opener for me during my summer internship seeing the conditions in which some people live in.

                        We processed the scene of one burglary where it was impossible to take prints off of ANYTHING because there was a layer of dust/dirt/grime on everything in the house. If it wasn't for a busted door and a missing TV, I bet the resident wouldn't have even known her house had been burglarized.

                        There was another house that was a complete pigstye. We ended up calling social services and removed this lady's kids from from the place. The toilet wasn't working and there were literally buckets of excrement all over the place. Roaches ran rampant, most likely because of the rotting meat left out in the kitchen. The trash cans were almost empty, yet you could barely see the floors because of the garbage on them. This was probably the nastiest place I've ever seen. I don't know how people can live like this or raise children in such a terrible atmosphere.

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                          I've also heard some pretty sick stories about cleaning up after people in Hotel and Motel rooms. Makes you want to take a trip to their homes and see if they crap in their own backyard.


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