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Chief's Anger towards the media....


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  • Chief's Anger towards the media....

    Chief Moose Angered By Media Reports

    Reports, Experts, And Officers Criticized

    ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Recent media reports on the sniper investigation are making Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose angry.

    Some media outlets reported that a tarot card had been found at the scene of the Bowie, Md., shooting. They said the death card was found with a note scribbled on it that read, "Dear policeman, I am God."

    When Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose was asked this morning to comment on the reports, he expressed his anger with the media and with retired police officers who comment on the case.

    Here is what he said:

    "It is inappropriate to comment about this card. There has not been anything authorized for release by me. I need to go back inside, work with my team, get to the root of this issue, and certainly that will occupy a lot of my time this morning.

    "I have to go back inside and talk to my team. Nothing about any kind of card has been authorized for release. And it has been my practice to not to talk about the investigation to make sure that I don't do anything to compromise the investigation, to hinder our ability to bring this person or the people involved in this into custody. And I certainly would hope that everyone would have that same kind of attitude - that they don't want to do be the conduit to somehow make it possible for this investigation to be hindered, for the person or people involved in this investigation to be alerted, to be unduly upset to be sent in some kind of direction.

    "Unfortunately, we have any number of talking heads in the media - retired police professionals. You know, as a police professional it is very, very insulting when they are retired police professionals, because we know that they have not been briefed, that they have not seen any of the evidence, they have not talked to any investigators. They are calling the suspect or the suspects in this case, they are calling them names, they are ranting and raving on all the various stations. They are telling people in the community information about the age, and therefore those people are, again, starting to have a closed mind about calling us and giving us information because they've heard someone on TV say that this is the age, and therefore, they're not calling about someone that might be younger or older.

    "So I would hope that those police professionals would realize that - maybe they don't live here, maybe they don't have children that live here - so it's all fun to be on television. Maybe they need to come here, live here, sit outside and have coffee, and then let's see how open they'll be to ranting and raving and calling the suspect or suspects names. If they're putting people in this community at risk so that they can have the pleasure of being on TV, it's so sad, because at one point they really did have a commitment to law enforcement. What I'm seeing is an absolute ego problem: they're no longer anybody, but they do have the media in America that all of a sudden makes them somebody again. It really is sad, so I feel sorry for them, but I also plead with them to stop

    "I plead with the networks, I plead with all of you to think about the value of the interviews, the value of the air time that you're giving to them. There are so many young people in our country doing terrific things. Wouldn't it be nice to have that air time given to the president of a student body and let them talk about some project they did to help the homeless? Wouldn't that make America feel a lot better than listening to a retired something that wasn't successful in their job, but now they're on TV. We've got retired police chiefs out there looking for other jobs taking advantage of this situation to get their face on television. How sad. How insulting.

    "So do they stop, or do you stop as the media in giving them that opportunity? We have to make some choices in America, and maybe this is one of those points in time where we do that. Who is the responsible party? What happened to individual responsibility?

    "We have the best that our federal government can offer in law enforcement to help us on this case. We have the best in Montgomery County police, the Maryland State Police, he Gaithersburg City Police, the Rockville City Police, the Montgomery County Park Police. We have the best that we all have to offer to try to bring this to closure.

    "If anybody out there is doing anything to interfere with that I plead with you to please rethink what you're doing. It just does not make sense.

    "In Montgomery County, our citizens have asked the Montgomery County police department and all available federal resources to work this case. I have not received any message that the citizens of Montgomery County want Channel 9 or the Washington Post or any other media outlet to solve this case. If they do, then let me know. We will go and do other police work and we will turn this case over to the media, and you can solve it. But to date, the people in my community have asked the police department to solve this case.

    "So I beg of the media - let us do our job. If the community wants you to do it, they will call today, and we will have a vote. And if it's decided that Channel 9 is going to investigate this case, then so be it. So be it. I don't think that's going to happen.

    "And I beg my community to make their voices heard because I am convinced that we're broaching interference, and interference is unacceptable. It's sad when it comes from retired law enforcement, it's sad when it comes from my team - if my team is somehow releasing information, if my team feels that it's important to put things out there - that's sad. And if the media feels that it's their job for them to put things out there so that they can be promoted, then that is also sad.

    "But folks, fortunately, my investigators are committed. They're still back there. Many of them did not go home last night. While this was disturbing, it was another incentive so that they're exercising due diligence. So we will continue that task .

    "Again, I ask my community - do you want the police department to work the case, or do you want Channel 9 to work the case? Let me know, because there is no room, in my mind, for both of us to work the case."
    "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."

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    The person who leaked that to the media should be fired and indicted for interfering with the investigation.


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      I couldn't agree more with him. It's nice somebody in LE has the stones to stand up to the media.
      I intend to go in harm's way. -John Paul Jones


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        I agree, Valor55, I absolutely agree with you. Absolutely...it's just sad to see the Chief of Montgomery County in tears as he speaks out because this is really heart-breaking.
        "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."


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          I was thinking to myself last night while watching the news, they are giving to much media attention to this.

          I wish the media would just let the chief and his officers do their jobs.


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            Sadly, I'm not suprised the media is polluting yet another important investigation.

            As far as the leak, how can anyone- let alone a LEO be so thoughtless to pass info that could jeopardize the capture of a spree/mass killer?!

            Maybe it was a LEO who told it to a spouse or family member over dinner who, in turn leaked it- who knows? The bottom line is they should keep their mouths shut.
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              Right on. People have a right to be informed... to an extent. If it interferes in an ongoing investigation and could possibly result in further loss of life, that information should be suppressed until such a time when it can be released without threat of further harm towards individuals.
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                I agree with everyone. All officers and the like that are involved in this should keep their mouths shut.
                As far as the media, I think they are giving this BG everything he needs to know to NOT get caught. It's like the other night when that dumb*** announced that school would be operating as normal. THe next day and innocent child got shot. In my opinion, that city manager has that childs blood all over his hands for running his mouth when it wasn't appropriate. The BG shot that kid just to make a point to that city manager and everyone involved. So, this tells us that the BG is watching the news, so I say give him a target that he can not resist. For example, put a little booth out in front of the schools with a mechanical dummy in it (so that it will move and look realistic). Announce on the news that the schools have guards in guard shacks to provide a safe environment and security. I bet it wouldn't take that long of a stake out to catch him because he would try to shoot the "dummy guard" to prove a point. When he showed up, the sniper teams could take him out. THis is jsut a quick scernero, actually, I wouldn't do it in front of a school (for obvious reasons) but you get my point. Set some bait, he will come.
                In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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                  that dumb*** announced that school would be operating as normal. THe next day and innocent child got shot.
                  And if he'd announced that schools were to be closed, the sniper woulda found some kid playing on a porch and shot him just to make the point: "Hey, you ain't safe no where!"


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                    I agree if an officer is told to keep a lid on something he needs to keep a lid on it. My question is, if the card was left by the shooter. Which we do not know for sure. But if the police are pretty certain it was left by the shooter, wouldn't they have a lot to gain by showing it to the public. I think the person who leaked it thought the same thing. They finally released the manuscripts of the Uni-Bomber and his family recognized it. So if they did release it maybe the shooters family will see it and recognize the hand writting and know the shooter was into the cards etc.
                    While I thought it was wrong to release it after it was agreed not to release it but I do question the decision not to release it.


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                      "But if the police are pretty certain it was left by the shooter, wouldn't they have a lot to gain by showing it to the public. I think the person who leaked it thought the same thing. They finally released the manuscripts of the Uni-Bomber and his family recognized it. So if they did release it maybe the shooters family will see it and recognize the hand writting and know the shooter was into the cards etc."

                      In the Unabomber case, what was released was a long, rambling dissertation. This was a 5 word line. Hardly enough to identify a writing style.

                      I doubt the "leaker" had such noble intentions. He/she just wanted to appear important, usually the biggest motivator behind those kinds of leaks.


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                        I agree maybe the leaker wanted to get laid by some news babe or something. But not releasing the card because the killer says not to? Chief Moose needs to understand these killers love killing because it gives them power and respect. That is what they are after. I would say that is reason to release it, show him he is not in control. The card might have hand writting on the card that someone will recognize. Perhaps some clerk will remember selling a deck just like that? Maybe the sniper


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                          Where in the note ("Dear policeman, I am God") did the killer warn against releasing the note? Chief Moose is the one who told his people to not release the note. Someone is not a team player. Whoever it is, when discovered, will be writing parking tickets on the graveyard shift before he knows what hit him. Sad to see, but not surprising, that someone cares more about his own ego than catching a murderer. I wonder if Chief Moose is thinking of how Al Capone dealt with a traitor in "The Untouchables"? Geez, just kidding!
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                          I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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                            Ateam, I wonder what the motivation is. I wonder if the person thinks the Chief is an idiot and that is the reason he did it. I hope this all is over soon. I have friends and family in the D.C. area.


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                              Chief Moose appears to be doing the best he can. Let's see - how many agencies are involved now between city, county, state, and federal? Anybody got a guess

                              Shorty - Nice to state that the "dumb***" has the kids blood on his hands for stating that schools would be open. That's nice. Would the "dumb***" still have blood on his hands if he announced schools were closed and a kid got shot walking to 7-11 or the Mall. And the dummy guard thing - yeah that would fool damn near everybody. You should run for public office with intelligent thoughts like that. How many schools do you think are in the DC Metro area? How many sniper teams would need to be in position to "take him out"? Ahhh screw it- this one aggravates the pizz out of me.

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