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  • Oooops?!?

    Ever walked in on a coworker(opposite sex) a workplace restroom? [Eek!]
    "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
    -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division

  • #2 But then we tend to use the restrooms for our own gender. Sounds like there's an interesting story behind this [Eek!]


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      Remember, Setter or Pointer. You can't do both.
      "Trust me. I'm from the government, I'm here to help."


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        No, but I did walk in on a girl at a gas station bathroom...

        That's what door locks are for, IMHO. However, being Vermont, they probably didn't bother, or couldn't afford them.

        There was a great deal of as I recall...
        I haven't felt this good since we stole the 2000 elections!--Ned Flanders


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          Well sir [Wink]

          I was in the mens shower in a MP barracks in Germany one saturday morning, when a female MP stepped in and began to shower too [Eek!]

          She said (very perky ), "Sorry, Sarge, but my latrines water is off right now."

          Jim Burnes


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            I was at the Amphib base in Coronado when all the mexican food I'd ate earlier finally caught up with me. It hit me all at once. Quickly. Real quick.

            I literally ran to the mensroom ("head" for you navy types)and it was closed because some yahoo was mopping the floor.

            I sprinted around the end of the buidling to the womans room and did what I had to do.I had just finished washing my hands and in steps a woman but not just any women ,it was a dadguummed Navy Captain. She looked at me and before she could say a word I said " Mam, it was either here or on the sidewalk.I ate mexican today and its killing me."...she smiled and never said a word, just pointed at the door and I wasted no time getting there.
            "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

            Norman Thomas


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              Not at work but one time I was eating at Black Angus and somehting didn't agree with me. I'm making tracks for the men's room. The door had

              written vertically. Unfortunately, I didn't see the


              above my line of sight [Eek!] I take care of my business and as I'm coming out of the stall in walk two ladies. I must of turned red as a fire engine. The ladies were laughing very hard.
              Bill R


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                I went to an outdoor concert once and was standing in line at the unisex Port-A-Potties. One guy, probably a bit drunk, walked up to a toilet and opened the door. Standing there, facing the crowd, with her pants and underwear around her ankles, was a very surprised looking woman. The crowd cheered, she blushed and screamed, he slammed the door shut.

                On the other hand, I was once "utilizing" a urinal at a sporting event. This was the "trough" type designed for volume business and not for maximum privacy, if you know what I mean. Midstream, a woman walked in, looked at me and said, "Sorry, the line to the ladies' room is too long." Then she went into a stall. I finished up, zipped up and skedaddled.

                [ 12-19-2002, 12:07 PM: Message edited by: kirch ]
                Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                  I was working Mids & was at home shaving getting ready to go to work when one of my wife's friends dropped by. My wife came to the door & asked me to step out so the woman could use the bathroom. The woman was standing behind her doing the I-gotta-go dance. I put up a little gripe at having to be interrupted but the woman pushed her way past me to the toilet & said, "You can leave or you can finish shaving, it doesn't matter to me." My wife quickly made the decision for me.


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                    Originally posted by Jim Burnes:
                    I was in the mens shower in a MP barracks in Germany one saturday morning, when a female MP stepped in and began to shower too [Eek!]

                    Last I heard Men and Women of the Canadian Armed Forces Shower together...
                    Guess somebody heard the lame-*** argument of needing extra facilities to allow women in the DND and saw the obvious solution...

                    Or maybe it's all the Defence spending cutbacks those Politicians like so much.

                    [ 12-19-2002, 05:00 PM: Message edited by: Oink ]
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