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    I want to crawl in a hole and die

    I so generously offered to go on this diet with my husband. He's complaining of his hips and uniform/gunbelt not fitting too well. So....I can stand to lose some weight anyway. I've done this before and we've come to the conclusion that we're eating WAY too many carbohydrates. So, for this first week we're eating lots of salad and chicken and diet jello. Next week we'll add some light bread and peanuts for snacking and some more veggies. We're trying to do the lower fat version of the atkins diet. I AM SO SICK of caesar salad it isn't funny and it's only day 2. Here's my problem.....hubby is gungho about this and he's excited because he's also lifting weights and can't wait to see the results of all the protein he's been eating. And here I sit craving bread, rice, potatoes...pasta...... I can't quit because I don't want to be a wuss.! LOL

    I'll definitely lose weight on this diet because I don't want to eat if I have to eat that crap. In this house though, it takes two people to do it or we fall off the wagon.

    Does anyone know of a good low carb cheesecake recipe?
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    Tpr! Low carb doesn't have to be hard! I eat a strict low carb diet and I enjoy many different wonderful foods! Just tonight I had shrimp scampi and roasted asparagus spears. A few nights ago, I made a low carb AND low calorie chili which was really good too. I also eat low calorie and low fat as well and make many different types of fish recipes and so forth.

    I got burnt out on salad in the beginning as well and now I hardly eat any lettuce. I still eat many foods that I ate before, only now they are low carb. I buy low carb bread that tastes just like the real thing from a local natural foods store. It has only 4 grams a slice. I also buy low carb tortillas and make wraps or stirfry etc.. They make low carb nachos and chip like thingies and also ZERO carb chocolate!

    Check out www.morico.com for some more snack type things.

    Once you stabilize your blood sugar, you will find that your cravings for starches and carbs will go away. I have no desire whatsoever for starchy foods now. Pasta makes me gag and the smell of bread in the bakery makes me ill to my stomache. You just have to give it a chance.

    Also, be sure to drink plenty of water! I cannot stress that enough.. I drink at least a gallon a day (128 fl ounces).

    If you ever want any recipes, let me know! I can give you bunches. Low carb doesnt have to be low taste!

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      I can't do it anymore. I told hubby he's on his own. Good luck. I couldn't even eat dinner tonight because I felt nausiated when I looked at more meat. (the meat you put on your plate)

      I researched some more eating/exercise plans to fit the foods that I like to eat. I am going to start the Body for Life plan on Thursday. On the 7th day of the week you are allowed a cheat day to eat anything you want and you skip that day of exercise. I am starting on Thursday so tomorrow can be my cheat day and Christmas and New Years Day will also fall on the 7th day. Smart eh???

      I can handle eating 6 small meals a day and working out. I'll take an "after" pic to show you all in about 12 wks. Wish me luck! My sister is doing this also (like she even needs to lose weight!) and has lost 10 lbs so far since a month ago!
      "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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        I have lost 45 pounds this year. I just stopped eating after 6-6:30 at night and drinking lots of water
        Walk slow, Talk low, and Don't say Too Much.


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          My sister went on an interesting plan... (she didnt have much weight to lose either!) Each day, for one hour, you get to eat anything you want. obviously you dont want to binge til you feel sick, but the idea is, if there is cake at work, or someone brings donuts, *party foods,* sandwiches ...or whatever tempting foods you may run into during the day, you can save them until your hour to eat, whenever that may be. during the rest of the day you eat like you're on a "diet" ...healthy cereal and fruit type breakfast, salad and protein for lunch, etc.

          she lost 20 pounds and has kept it off, and never feels like she's suffering or needs to "cheat." her health and cholesterol, etc, are also good.

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          "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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            Trpsps, You are addicted to carbs, try the 12 step program... [Wink]


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              Although I'm not a big advocate of that diet, I see why you may have not done too well on it.

              I know that the Induction phase of the Atkins diet calls for EXTREME reduction in carbs, but for someone who likes carbs a lot, that is just too much at once. Try slowly reducing your carb intake and see how that works.

              Also, you can make several good substitutions that while not much lower in carbs, are healthier for you.
              • Whole wheat pasta instead of regular pasta
              • Whole wheat bread instead of white bread
              • Brown rice insead of white rice
              • Sweet potatoes instead of russett potatoes
              • Diet sodas instead of regular
              While those substitutions aren't necessarily low in carbs, they are low in the enriched carbohydrates and simple sugars that are bad for you.

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                I just started the Body For Life diet myself. Did it once before and lost 30 lbs but then returned to old eating habits and gained it back. It definately a lifetime change.



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                  If you want a good alternative to the Atkins diet that's actually reasonable, pick up a copy of Enter the Zone by Dr. Barry Sears. It's based not on cutting carbs to an extreme, but balancing carbs, fat and protein at each meal. The result is that your blood sugar is stabilized, but you have enough carbs to slow the ingestion of the protein so that your body makes better use of it. There also isn't a tendency toward dehydration as there is with the Atkins diet.

                  Sears is a molecular biochemist who specializes in drug delivery. He was one of the developers of AZT, and he has developed several cancer treatments as well. He was trying to develop a way to help control hormones associated with heart disease and weight control, but the synthetic drugs he developed were dangerous and impractical (they had to be injected). He went back to the drawing board and discovered that he could instead make the body control its own hormones by treating dietary protein as a drug, then regulating the "dosage" by balancing it out with just the right amount of carbohydrates to slow the absorption of the protein into the bloodstream. The result is a diet based on very sound science that has worked consistently in laboratory trials and field tests on heart patients, diabetics, and in performance enhancement with college and professional athletes.

                  Remember the Subway diet? The main reason it worked is that it is very close in practice to the Zone, although not quite as nutritionally complete. The Caveman diet, another one that was popular last year, is also very similar. The book will explain how your hormones react to what you eat and how they cause you to store fat, and you'll begin to understand why some diets work when others do not.

                  Best of all, the Zone has almost no side effects. In contrast, you have to be careful with Atkins. It can be very rough on your liver and kidneys. Atkins tricks your body into overproducing ketone bodies, which are toxins that must be expelled through the urine. The first ten pounds you lose on Atkins is all water, as you start to dehydrate yourself. The ensuing constipation is a side effect of the dehydration. You DO eventually start burning fat, but the body is actually only capable of losing 2-3 pounds of actual fat per week at most; the normal rate is 1.5 pounds per week.

                  Dr. Sears explains it a lot better than I can. You should read the book. It will, at the very least, change the way you think about how you fuel your body.


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                    I think Dr. Sears makes alot of sense. I have not "entered the Zone" yet, but i eat the Zone meal bars almost every day. it started out that they were THE best tasting ones out there, and i needed some quick meals while at work or on the go. i found out i feel great after eating them, they fill me up, and i have read reviews saying they are one of the healthiest.

                    Like i said, i mostly go by taste, because if i dont like it i wont look forward to it like i would a meal. These bars are great.
                    "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                      The Zone is actually the same thing as Body for Life, but the Body for Life exercise regimen is probably more in depth. I don't mind though. I like a balance of carbs and protein. Too many of each will either make you fat or sick. LOL (ME at least, in my opinion).

                      Jellybean, have you tried BALANCE bars? They're pretty good. I ate one today for lunch.
                      "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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                        I'll 2nd and 3rd The Zone. When I did it a few years ago, I steadily lost 1 lb. per week. That doesn't sound like much, but it adds up quickly. But besides losing the weight, I wasn't hungry and was more alert. The only downside was that I had to cook more.

                        Also, if I recall correctly, I had my lowest cholesterol levels ever (as an adult)


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                          Remember a few weeks ago when the Atkins' sponsored studies made the front page of the news saying that their diet kicked the Zone's butt and that a high fat diet was good for you? The study said people lost more weight and kept it off better over the long term.

                          I don't buy into all of that.

                          One it's the totallity of the calories that matters the most. I do beleive that a moderate amount of fat is fine about, about .34grams per pound of body weight. And as I said before people who work out must have planned carbs if they want effective results.

                          I think the Adkins diet is good for couch poatoes and the Body for Life, Zone, or whatever active based diet is good for people who want performance out of their training.


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                            Originally posted by Tprspouse:
                            Jellybean, have you tried BALANCE bars? They're pretty good. I ate one today for lunch.

                            Balance bars were actually developed by Barry Sears. He needed an easy snack to use when testing the diet, so he whipped them up to make it easier for the subjects to stay on the program. When the studies were over, he sold the recipes to a food company, and they became "Balance Bars."

                            However, because he wanted to be able to market his own line of foods later on, Balance is prohibited from using his name in connection with them. You'll notice on the packages it says nothing about the Zone diet, only that it gives the 40-30-30 ratio of carbs, protein and fat. On the Balance website are different meals and recipes that fit the Zone diet, but nowhere is the Zone mentioned. Balance is Zone food, but just not "officially."

                            Sears went on to develop the Zone bars, which are much, much better tasting than Balance bars. Instead of making a fortune on the drugs he originally set out to develop, he's making his money on the ready-made meals, bars and shakes.


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                              For those dissing the Atkins Diet.. Uhh.. hello! What do you think The Zone and all those other carb diets are based on! Dr. Atkins pioneered the research into how carbs affect weight!

                              The Atkins Diet is not merely for couch potatoes nor does it stress high fat. One should read the true intentions on the diet before they criticize it and thus the millions of people worldwide who have altered their lives due to it.

                              I'll be the first to admit it.. The Atkins Diet isn't for everyone. It does severely restrict carbs in the first phase, but for many people, they need that kickstart. The remaining three phases are geared for lifetime maintanance of weight. Before you start any diet, you should truly research it in depth and discuss it with your doctor.

                              Oh, and the Atkins Diet is ideal for anyone with diabetes or precursors to diabetes as well. It isn't solely for overweight people or "couch potatoes."

                              [ 12-18-2002, 04:00 PM: Message edited by: RachelR ]
                              No partner is worth your tears -
                              the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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