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What do we REALLY value as Americans?


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  • What do we REALLY value as Americans?

    I for one REALLY believe our lives are the way they are because of the choices we make--we get a head start over most of the world, because being born in North America does have it's advantages--but how our lives turn out has more to do with the choices we make than what people or the government or anyone else does to us. I value education, I value people and individual uniqueness, I value our special mixture of capitalism and socialism and democracy that allows us the opportunities we have; and I believe in social order and rules that are designed to be fair and that are applied fairly(too bad our system of law doesn't always do the job).
    And I believe generalizations about anything are maybe 50% accurate at best.

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    We value lawyers.


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      123, My "Sixth Sense/Intuition" is telling me this is a joke.


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        These are the values discussed at the dining tables. They are the goals to be obtained, sometimes with much effort.

        Each family sees the need to live that way. But a slight bias is almost always applied, making the vaules something that fits the culture of the family.

        It's a good topic.

        Jim Burnes


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          I agree about education. Mine was a good one

          Freedom of choice and expression

          The vote

          Freedom of movement

          Freedom to pursue (most) any profession

          Freedom of religion

          The legal rights

          Most of all, freedom from tyrrany

          I KNOW I forgot some

          I agree. Good thoughful thread, Sandy


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            Originally posted by Sandy:
            123, My "Sixth Sense/Intuition" is telling me this is a joke.
            Was it? Was it really? One need only think Mcdonalds + hot coffee + no lid...


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              I value friends, I lost one to alcohol poisoning yesterday.


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                I almost lost my son to that. He did it "to belong" and admits it was the dumbest thing he ever did. He was so sick plus had his stomach pumped.


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                  They never had the chance to pump his stomach. He was found in his bed by his sister who gave him cpr till the paramedics arrived. After just 1 day on life support his organs failed and he passed away. The worst part was trying to console his twin brother. He said it was like watching himself die. I just can't believe it. I have known him half my life. Its just awful. The funerals thursday. i also am suposed to graduate thursday night. I just don't know if i can go to graduation. I am so sad because i worked so hard for this and now it just doesn't seem to matter like it did before.


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                    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. If you ever want to talk, please don't hesitate.

                    "There's no place like home."


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                      I'm sorry for your loss, ftrphxcop. True friendship is very valuable indeed and it's not easy to come by.


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                        I value the mall.

                        God Bless the land of the Big PX!!

                        I value good drinking water.

                        Take a few trips overseas and see if you don't value good clean water out of the tap, too! Hope you don't mind intestinal parasites!

                        I value our great medical system. In the U.S., I get competent ambulance personnel if it is an emergency..and I get well trained and well paid professionals at the hospital.

                        I value our well designed and maintained road system that allows me to travel freely and safely on level roads which are repaired when they wash out. If they do wash out, signs are posted. There are street lights and even lanes painted on the road.

                        I value our great system of the FAA which helps planes take off and land safely. It keeps plains from falling on our heads or crashing into mountains. These people are well trained, as opposed to other places I have seen.

                        I value our educational system. Even with all of it's problems, it is still a world of difference from what exists in other places which are doing well to have any public education at all.

                        I value the government regualtions that help insure the wiring put in my house doesn't kill my family, or that the elevator I get in doesn't send me to heaven (or hell); regulations which help keep my kid from eating lead paint and helps insure that her car seat actually works.

                        I value the diversity in this country. I can drive for an hour and meet people from over thirty countries, each with a common dream for their families.

                        I value our economic freedom. I can start and run my own business to attempt to build more options for myself and my children. Sure I will have to pay some taxes, but I am not afraid that the gov't will take over my business if I am too successful.

                        I value our system of government that attempts to balance the wishes of the many while also protecting the individual rights of the few.

                        I value many things about the U.S., perhaps the one I value most is that my right to try to change what I do not like is protected.



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                          Thanks for the support It just seems like such a dumd thing to die from ( drinking to much alcohol) I just find it so hard to believe that some people do not know thier limit.


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                            [This message has been edited by wonderwoman (edited 05-08-2001).]


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                              I gotta say that I like Sparky's list a lot

                              See? I'm not all negativity
                              "They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program" ~George W. Bush, November 2, 2000


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