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Update on new County Police Dept.


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  • Update on new County Police Dept.

    Many weeks ago, I posted a message in the announcements area about our efforts to form a new County Police Department here in our county. I just wanted to take the time to post an update about the progress we've made in acquiring donations from other departments and agencies. Thus far, we've received nearly $300,000 dollars worth of donations in the form of equipment and uniforms.

    We have been given all our uniforms, mobile radios and speakers, lightbars & switch boxes, siren boxes and even cellular phones! I want to thank anyone and everyone who had anything to do with any donation we've received so far and want to again ask for continued support from any agency out there with surplus equipment they could donate to us. We're still in need of items such as equipment organizers for the radios/siren, etc., cages, radar units and the biggy - patrol cars. We're hoping to acquire at least 5 patrol cars through donation or perhaps a trade of some of our "surplus" for a good cruiser. We have an abundance of mobile radios that are "like-new" and we'd be willing to trade for some other items we're in need of. So, if you're department has anything you don't need anymore, that's just taking up space but still works, please let me know and we'll come get it or accept the shipping charges for it. Patrol cars are the most important thing at this point.

    Again, thank you all so much!!!

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    Just a thought. At a previous agency, we had a dealer offer to donate cars, if we would put on a small sticker "donated by XYZ Motors".....Maybe you can get something like that going. Best of luck.
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      Try the DOD 1033 program. It's Dept. of Defense Excess.

      They are hit and miss, but they do get cars, cages etc. from time to time. We got some plastic backseats from them for free. Acquisition cost for any vehicle, car, pick-up, 4X4, 6X6, HMMWV........always $500.


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