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Does anybody else have to fool with grant reports?


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  • Does anybody else have to fool with grant reports?

    These people aggravate the heck out of me!

    I work under a grant and have to put together these grant reports colecting all of this statistical data..

    It seems like they change the reporting requirements every two months, and it depends on who you talk to, and they breathe down your neck about your reports being on time even though your stuff is late because they didn't send their stuff to you until after you were supposed to have done what you needed to it and sent it back in...

    And since the definitions and data collection requirements change, the stats they get from it are statistically invalid anyway!!


    And if, at the end of the year, they decide that there is something they didn't like about your reporting, they don't give you a grant award for the next year.

    Sorry... I just had to vent.

    Does anyone else have any grnat horror stories?

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    Tennessee's schools are using a new data reporting program this year called SASSY. Yes. She is a 'puppy's mother', too....!

    Anyway....we have ZERO technical support for this system because the people in Nashville that are SUPPOSED to know what they are doing, don't.

    Did I mention that we are supposed to have ALL of our records transferred over to this new system before Christmas, or WE will be fined $500/day for every day we don't?

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