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Former Atlanta-area sheriff charged in opponent's killing


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  • Former Atlanta-area sheriff charged in opponent's killing

    ATLANTA, Georgia -- A former DeKalb County sheriff was arrested and charged early Friday in the assassination of Sheriff-elect Derwin Brown, a break in a murder case that frustrated investigators for nearly a year.

    Former Sheriff Sidney Dorsey, who lost his re-election bid to Brown, was arrested and charged along with two others, District Attorney J. Tom Morgan told CNN.

    The district attorney told CNN he believes the motive was a combination of revenge and resentment.

    Also arrested were former Sheriff's Deputy Melvin Walker and David Ramsey, who has been linked to recently fired DeKalb County jailer Patrick Cuffy. Walker and Ramsey, a friend of Cuffy, were both arrested earlier this year for lying to police about Cuffy's whereabouts the night of the murder.

    They are the first to be charged in the killing, which was investigated by the FBI, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and DeKalb County police.

    Brown, 46, won after a bitter campaign and run-off against Dorsey, who was considered a shoe-in until accusations of corruption and cronyism moved voters to rally behind Brown.

    Dorsey was already under grand jury investigation for allegedly using on-duty sheriff's deputies in his own private security firm and providing jail inmates to work on private homes in his neighborhood in a federally funded program coordinated by his wife, Sherry Dorsey, an Atlanta city councilwoman.

    Brown was seen as a reformer and vowed to clean up the scandal-tainted department. He had served in the DeKalb Police Department for 23 years, eventually rising to the rank of captain.

    On December 15, 2000 -- days before he was to be sworn in as the new sheriff -- Brown was shot 11 times while standing in the driveway of his home as he returned from a victory celebration with family and friends. His wife and five children were inside the house at the time.

    Cartridges from a TEC-9 semiautomatic pistol were found at the scene.

    Police have kept a tight lid on the murder investigation and have refused to say whether they were close to arresting Dorsey, strongly suspected by authorities of being linked to the case. Sources tell CNN police now believe they have that link -- an unidentified former associate who will testify Dorsey gave the order for the hit.

    Thomas Brown Jr., no relation to the slain sheriff, took over as interim sheriff after Brown's death. He later was elected to the post and promptly fired four sheriff's officers, including jailer Cuffy.
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    I figured he was behind it. I hope he gets the death sentence. That's pretty scary to think someone like that ws in office. Sounds like a good ole boy thing to me. I hope heads roll!


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      Innocent until proven guilty.

      My OPINION:

      He's guilty as heck, and thank GOD they got a break and can put these MAJOR POSs behind bars.

      For those of you no familiar with the story, (if I rememeber correctly) he was shot down as he stepped out of his POV, coming from a victory celebration, CARRYING A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS for his wife.

      Vengence is mine sayeth the lord...but until then theres Federal Supermax!
      People have more fun than anybody.


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        If convicted, he should be shot 11 times.......real slow.

        It is said that "an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind".....I leaves everyone with one eye.


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          Drug kingpin nabbed two weeks ago directly
          linked to shooting in Cuffy's yard last year. How nice to roll for murder for murder.

          One difference. One victim was thug, the other a sheriff attempting to make positive changes.

          Sit low in the saddle when passing through Atlanta. The emphasis on "passing through."

          ICE 35
          First rule of policing:

          1. Marry well.


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            Me thinketh me will reconsider my testing with said department in January.


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