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  • Stupid write ups

    I was reading Stupid write ups in the Officers Only section.
    Well, we civilians get them at work too. My H is one of the hardest working men you have ever met. He worked for the same stupid company for 25 years, thinking they appreciated him. Yea, right.
    They wanted him to take a transfer to a less then desireable place and he turned it down. Then they ORDERED him to take it. And he said he was not uprooting his family to live there. So, they said, "OK, no problem" and sent someone else....then froze his salary for a year, no raises or bonuses.
    Then, they gave him a promotion a few years later. Whoop-de-doo
    This ******* boss who didn't like him went behind his back and changed his apprasials from esentially all A's to A, B and C's. The promotion was taken from him because he was supposed to have all A's. He said he did have all A's and they said he didn't. He showed them his copies and they showed him theirs...they had been changed.
    My H went to this smug, smirky boss and by the time it was over, there were three men holding my H back. All of this was done because this boss didn't like my H. He had his favorites.
    I begged my H to get a lawyer. But he said,"I'd win the battle but lose the war, honey." Meaning they'd find some way to fire him. They put so much pressure on him, he couldn't eat or sleep. All because of this dictator he had for a boss. Then the powers that be transferred this boss and my H's hell was over.
    He went to his new boss and told him what happened.He couldn't give my H the promotion but he made sure he got the salary and company car that went with it.
    It's just so sad what happens when someone lets little power go to their head. This took a lot out of my H.
    After all his hard work tho, the company was merged and all men over 50 were let go.....legally. And the stuff my H has found out since then is sickening. He counted his immediate boss as a friend. Turned out he was just like the rest, taking credit for work my H did. He has not heard from him since he was let go.
    My H's and some others salaries were lower then "the favorites". But worst of all was that people that my H had looked up and admired had used him as a stepping stone to get to where they were.
    We are much wiser...and much sadder.

    [ 12-16-2002, 02:04 AM: Message edited by: Mitzi ]

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