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I took some funny pictures


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  • I took some funny pictures

    I love my digital camera. I'll never be a photographer but I do enjoy taking pictures with this. Maybe it's because you can see the results so fast. I took some pictures of my husband, our son and his girlfriend being Christmas funny. I might add my husband was absolutely exhausted from work but he was a good sport anyway. It also has my Christmas stocking in there and I think it's an abolute riot! lol

    [ 12-16-2002, 12:33 AM: Message edited by: Mitzi ]

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    Wow, Mitzi, your son IS a hottie! I thought you were just prejudiced because you are his mother but he is really cute!
    No partner is worth your tears -
    the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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      Thank you, Rachel. He really is a very handsome young man. He doesn't really sem to know it tho. But I've seen girls give him their phone numbers att the mall, drop them on the table in a restatuant, complete strangers ask around about him and call him.
      But David has been burned and burned badly. He is divorced and it devastated him. He caught his wife of one year with another man twice her age. This was 3 years ago. He dated a bit but learned his lesson about calling women that shower him with phone numbers. He said they were just like his ex-wife.
      His now girlfriend, Karen, was introduced to him by a friend of mine. She is very sweet and kind. I don't know what will come of it. They have been together 4 months now.
      Thanks for your compliments! Besides being so handsome, he's also the bravest peron I know. Two brain surgeries, another one coming up, epilepsy, 27 pills a day, a divore, can't drive....and he's still smiling. I want to be just like him when I grow up


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        here Mitzi the photo of David and Karen with their Christmas hats on is greatness m8

        the hats are so childish and those two look so serious, it's too much [Wink]
        from your old mate
        c h i e f y
        global chiefy to yer seadog seafarin' maties


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          Mitzifer, where are the bondage photos you are always flapping about?


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