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Expidition Bismarck on Discovery.


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  • Expidition Bismarck on Discovery.

    Anyone who is a WWII, Naval, or plain history buff watch the James Cameron special about the Bismarck?
    I was able to watch the enchore presentation tonight. It was a very well done documentery on the ships history. The show also had interviews with German navymen, those still alive, who survived the sinking. The show had a well balance of live, historical, and computer animation to tell the story of the once mighty German Destroyer.

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    Wasn't the Bismark a battleship? Are you thinking of the Prinz Eugen, the escort?


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      The Bismarck was a battleship. The Eugen was a cruiser.

      Show was very well done. I especially liked the computer sims and the recollections of the survivors.
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        That reminds me to go to Alibris and try to find a copy of Sink The Bismark! by C.S. Forester.

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          there are plenty of top programmes like this on the Discovery and History channels

          they are great viewing, I was watching such a programme the other day, on the LEGENDARY 'ABRAMS' turbine engine battle tank
          this tank was put together by the americans
          they disregarded the tried and proven DIESEL, in favour of big gamble turbine engines
          the result :

          an incredible 60mph 70 ton TANK, which wiped out IRAQ's national guard TANK BATTALION in Kuwait without too much trouble
          in fact, the ABRAMS TANKS received hits from friendly fire ONLY
          IRAQIS scored zero
          anyway, without seeing the programme, you really can't appreciate how amazing the ABRAMS story is I tell you

          EVAN I have the seen the old documentary on the Bismarck that has been doing the rounds for a few years, but not the Cameron one, I wil definitely keep an eye out and watch it, sounds great m8, did you see the ABRAMS story ?? A very sad ending, but never mind eh ?? [Wink]

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            I watched it, an excellent program. It must have been very difficult for the survivors to re-live those final hours.
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              yeah too true, didn't the Captain authorise that radio silence be broken, for some "routine" message to get sent off ??

              THIS resulted in the allies RELOCATING Bismarck, after the Captain thereof had pulled off some startling maneouvres to LOSE the trailing forces

              was this the documentary you guys saw ?? I saw this a long time back if so, or is there a new one out ?? is anybody interested in my ABRAMS thread ?? [Wink]
              from your old mate
              c h i e f y
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