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  • Police Funeral

    Several days ago a Dallas police officer was killed in a shootout with a suspect. The suspect was wounded, one officer died, and several other officers were injured.

    Well, today was the funeral for that officer (sorry, do not know his name). It was the most awsome thing i've ever seen. There were litterally hundreds of police cars from all over the metroxplex in the funeral procession. They shut down all of Central Expressway for the procession and went through several highways in Dallas.

    I just wanted to share this though. Just seeing all of the officers and families sticking together. Even cars going the opposite dirrection of the officers pulled over in respect. It was very heart warming.

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    Officer Christopher K James 34.

    May he rest in peace. God bless his family and friends.
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      We recently had a "memorial procession" in honor of the fire and police and EMS persons killed in NY. It looked like a parade to the uneducated, but it was not. It was awesome. No sirens. We had a bagpipe player that played and it brought a tear.

      On another note, I was in charge of a drug checkpoint one night when a HM with a suspended license came through and took off into a parking lot in his Z28. One young officer ran him down, and when the car stopped, he tried to pull him out, and ended up getting drug and thrown from the vehicle at about 25 mph. It looked to us like it killed him-we were yelling for EMS and "officer down" while another officer, was able to get to his car (a 95 Caprice LT1) and take off after the suspect. The suspect never slowed down, and tried to pass a row of cars at about 90 mph, and left the roadway and struck a tree. He died instantly (I wonder if the liberals think I lose any sleep over that? My biggest regret was not being able to get a clear shot at his head in the parking lot while he was behind the wheel-the officer, a former track star, had gotten so far ahead of us, we were still 150 feet from them when he was being drug around-one of the disadvantages to being fast!)

      The officer was very fortunate-no broken bones or internal injuries, but bruised all over and did have a serious sprain to the knee. They full him in a huge brace and sent him home.

      I felt bad, ESPECIALLY since I was in charge. I went to his house the next day to take him out and treat him to lunch. Upon my arrival (and here’s the point to this long war story) I talked to his dad who was a retired battalion chief from a large metro fire department nearby. He thanked me for checking on him, and told me “I’ve been in the fire service for over 30 years. I’ve seen fireman hurt and killed on duty and been to a lot of funerals for fireman, but I have NEVER seen anything like I’ve seen this morning.” He went on to tell me that the phone had rang all morning, and that 2-3 people had already stopped by, including the chief and sheriff (the drug unit all held dual certs under the sheriff, except me.) The chief had told him to call him PERSONALLY if he needed more time off than the hospital recommended.

      Dang that made me feel good!
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