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Consequences Of Turning Down A Job Offer


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  • Consequences Of Turning Down A Job Offer

    If an applicant turns down a police department
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    Do what you need to do and if another department asks why you turned down this department, you can tell them what you told us. If they don't hire you for that reason, then you probably don't want to work for them. Its almost the same as jumping from department to department. There are guys I work with who have worked for 1-2 previous departments and they were still hired without any problems.


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      I agree

      Do what's right for yourself and your family. It won't hurt you at all to turn this job down.

      You've acted with good faith up to now, and you don't owe them anything. I think it's admirable that you have thought so much about it. Most people would have simply taken the job, got the training and some experience, and then left. You've been honest with yourself and with the dept..
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        I can't see how turning down a job would make another agency shy away. I would think that the mere fact that you were offered a job would make you a little more appealing since you obviously made it past the harder portions of the hiring process.
        I don't know where you are and what the job market is like there, but here in NJ I would not recommend turning down a job if you want to be an LEO. You can always move from Dept to Dept once you get your foot in the door, but getting hired in this state is VERY HARD. That is the only reason I'd recommend not turning down a job.
        In the same respect, don't think for one minute that the Department that is offering you a job gave it to you, then another person stepped up and said they'd do the same job for half the price they wouldn't dump you on your *** if they could.
        I understand loyalty and respect and all that stuff, but the first person you need to look out for is yourself. You don't owe anyone anything.
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