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  • The woman died

    I spoke to my neice today because her husband e-mailed me that the woman that jumped from her car died this afternoon. She sounded ok, teared up once and said she's ok if she doesn't think about it. She was getting ready to go to work, light desk duty because she sprained her wrist in the incident.
    The review won't be over util after Christmas. I just hate this happened to her. But I told her, "Honey, all you ever wanted to be was a police officer. In your career, you may face this again." She said, "I'm tough, Aunt Janie. I will deal with this." She is my namesake, also named Janie.
    I feel really bad for her. She's so sweet.We could not discuss the incident, just how she was. But, I know this will affect her psychologically to some degree. I just can't wait to see her at Christmas so I can just hug and hug her.
    Then, I will drive all of them crazy, as usual.

    [ 12-14-2002, 06:03 PM: Message edited by: Mitzi ]

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    Mitzi? What the heck are you talkin about??? What lady what car?? did I miss a post? who jumped?

    *very confused*
    Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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      My niece is a police officer. She and her partner stopped a car for weaving and found cocaine in the car. A fight ensued and my neice was injured in the fight. Her partner and some other officers we able to contain the woman but had to use pepper spray. When my neice an her partner transported her back to jail, she was handcuffed and seatbelted in the back. There, she urinated in the back seat and a window was put down because of the smell and possible airbourne diseases. The woman managed to get her seat belt unbuckled and dove out the window. The car was going 15-20mph and she was badly injured. She lived a week and then died.
      My neice and her partner are, of course, under review. But I know my neice and her partner and I KNOW procedure was followed.
      My niece is very upset and on desk duty because of injuries received. But she's very professional and will continue to do what she's wanted to do since she was a young teenager.....be a police officer, as she has been for 5 years.
      She can not discuss this with me. My info comes from a newspaper article.
      The family of the woman said they knew she was a drug addict but that she would not throw herself out a window.
      So, it remains to be seen what happens. But I know she will be cleared of any perceived wrong doing.

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        The family should be thanking your niece for risking her own safety to do something that might have helped the lady.

        Instead, they blame officers.

        Tell your niece to keep her chin up.


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          She sounds very up when I talk to her. But, when I had her put her husband, also a police officer, on the phone, he said she's really not doing well at all. He said she can't eat or sleep and it has been extremely stressful. Yet, to talk to her, you would never know anything is wrong. Her husband is a wonderful person and has even more understanding of what she's going through as a LEO himself. They have no children yet, so they don't have that stress on them yet.


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            Your niece is learning. And it's hard because she is trying to reason out the death using her own set of values, of perception. These things don't work like that, and she will just burn herself out mighty quick.

            The lady who ingested the drugs, fought the restraints, peed in the car and finally crawled out the window is the one who caused her own death. Those were her own values, that is her own course of responsibility.

            Your niece is going to have to harden her mind to this business. She has a long time to go in her career, yes?

            Get her mind back on the job.

            Jim Burnes


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              Jim is eyes on target on this one.

              Projecting out own beliefs and values onto the rest of the world can cause alot of confusion.

              There is alot of wisdom in the old saying, "$hit Happens".

              Why did a mother kill her own kids?
              Why did a father rape his four-year-old daughter?
              Why do drunks always seem to kill innocent people and walk away with a bump on the head?
              Why do violent thugs seem to get released only to victimize again?
              Why did another officer catch that call and get hurt instead of me?

              We search for answers as if we would find one that we were satisfied with.

              She'll have to figure it out in her own way, in her own time, but despite our tendency to want to take responsibility for the things around us..

              We are just people. The horrible tragedies in the world are not completely our responsibility.

              Worrying about them too much can grind you up inside, making you and your family a vicarious victim.

              Sometimes, the best revenge against the injustice in the world is to say 'screw it' and go get an ice cream cone.

              [ 12-15-2002, 06:12 PM: Message edited by: Sparky ]


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                She will be ok. This just kind of threw her for a loop but she's back patrolling and catching DUI's. There has even been another scuffle and she's handled it well.
                This will toughen her more. I have see her in action. She's very professional, very polite.....and very tough.
                I talked to her husband this morning and he said she was upset about being put on light duty so they put her back with her partner and she's back in the game.
                She will always remember this. She has seen worse then this, arriving at the scene of an DUI where 2 fourteen yer old boys were hit and one died. She said it was incredibly sad but she and her partner did their jobs.
                She's going to be ok. She's young, 26. But she's tough.


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